Thursday, April 03, 2008

Snoop Converts!

My dad sent me an e-mail that had this link to a CNN article about Snoop Dogg converting to Mormonism. Later, he sent another one informing me that this was an April Fool's joke (I think his source was a family member of Gladys Knight--in whose choir my father sings). I have to say that this is one of the funniest hoaxes I've ever heard. I realize that I'm biased (being myself a Mormon), but I was laughing my head off at the picture of Snoop Dogg holding the Book of Mormon. His quotes were fantastic, also.

I think his April Fool's Joke barely edges mine out. I give him full credit for that. Yes, and perhaps some mad props. Indeed. I do believe some of those would be in order. I'll get some sent off to him at my earliest convenience.

In unrelated news, Steven got me signed up on this "Word of the Day" e-mail service. I am loving it! Today's word was "omphalos." The reason I bring it up, though is because of a sister-word (of sorts) that i found to be one of the coolest words I have ever heard: "omphaloskepsis" (which means "contemplation of one's navel"). How cool is that?

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