Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Thoughts

First of all, I apologize to all of my faithful readers who have wondered where I had gone. To you, my words are as the honey suckle to that travel-weary bee, ever-seeking that sweet succulent nectar that is my psyche. If you have felt abandoned, then I am sorry. If you have felt lost, then thy pains are my own. If thou art gassy, then know that I am that gas.

I'd like to say a word regarding the elections. To do so, I should first link to Glenn Beck's response to a caller (who felt like Barack Obama wasn't his president and shouldn't be supported) and ask you to go read that. It is a transcript from Glenn's radio show, so it isn't supposed to read like a book.

Moving forward, my own thoughts on the election are pretty well summed up by Glenn. Barack Obama, for all the views that he and I do not share (and furthermore that I oppose), has been elected as the President of the United States of America. It is premature to say anything about his presidency; it hasn't happened yet. I will support him as the elected leader of this nation, because that is what he is. He is our President. This does not mean I have changed my views on anything or that I have to. It just means that I support the Democratic process by which our nation's leaders are elected. Is it possible that President-elect Obama will do things I disagree with? Yes. The potential is great. However, it is also possible that he will go down as a President who was able to accomplish much good for the nation. It all depends on him and how he wears that Presidential mantle. So, until there is reason to distrust him, I will trust in what he has said he will do--move toward the center and not push for a liberal/leftist agenda. I will be vigilant, but I will also support.

During the election, my main issue with Barack Obama as a presidential candidate was that there was too much unknown about him. Questions regarding his birth, beliefs, views, associations, etc.: these all raised flags for me. It doesn't mean that I assumed that he was affiliated with terrorists or that he was buddy buddy with Bill Ayers. What it means was that I wasn't satisfied that he wasn't. The proof was not overwhelming for either argument. Thus, I had questions and concerns. In the end I felt like there were too many questions and concerns for me to feel capable of supporting his candidacy. In the end, the American people decided that they did not share those same concerns. I don't need to be bitter about that. Anger doesn't need to be in this equation for me. Barack Obama is my president, because I believe in our nation and our nation voted him in. I truly hope that he can be the great president that so many are hoping he can be. I truly hope that the concerns surrounding him as having some sort of either Marxist or terrorist agenda are completely false and that we will see him emerge as a good and sincere man who has America's best interests at heart. Only time will tell. Until that picture clears up, I will not bemoan his victory. I encourage others to do the same. That is all I have to say at this time. One change that will be coming is that I shall no longer feel shy or timid about sharing political thoughts on this blog. It won't be excessive, because other plans are in the works, but I too want my voice to be heard, and I too want to do what I can to help make this nation a better place to live. Also, a special shout-out to Burke for being so dang inspiring all the time. You better make your comment good.