Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MLS Fantasy

Well, I just made some changes for this weekend's games. I almost immediately regretted it--it would have been smart to wait and see if anyone gets injured tonight or tomorrow in CONCACAF Champions Cup. Oh well. My team (Papa FC) did not do too hot last weekend. I earned 32 points. That puts me in 8934th place, overall (the high being 188 points. Yikes).

I did fare better in my league (where I placed 32nd out of 48). My league is The Official RSL Fantasy League or something like that. I don't really know why I chose that one over DC's league. My guess is that I saw a link for that league before I saw one for DC.

Anyway, my current lineup looks like this:

Goalkeeper - Pat Onstad (HOU)

Defenders - Wade Barrett (HOU), Eddie Robinson (HOU), Marc Burch (DCU), Michael Harrington (KC)

Midfielders - Andy Williams (RSL), Kyle Beckerman (RSL), Sainey Nyassi (NE), Clyde Simms (DCU)

Forwards - Luciano Emilio (DCU), Claudio Lopez (KC)

Coach - Thomas Soehn (DCU)

Bench - Guillermo Barros Schelloto (CLB), Alex Nimo (RSL), Brian Carroll (CLB)

Let's go Papa FC! Fight to the death, eat to the finish, nibble on some bums, and get inverted! Let's bring home to cake to mama.

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