Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Very Potter Musical

I don't know how Megan stumbled upon this, but I thank Zeus for her finding it. She and I just watched the first two parts of it (I should explain for any who are confused that I work with Megan and we share a prison cell of a cubicle in the back corner) and I can't wait to get off of work so I can finish the whole thing. Anyway, it is too good for me not to share it, and, given the Harry Potter theme today, it seemed more than fitting.
I give you... A Very Potter Musical pt. 1 (go to youtube and search "Very Potter Musical" to find all the rest of it).

300 Dollar Bill, Y'all

That title is so totally a shout out to my boys in Limp Bizkit. This post has nothing to do with them, but earlier this month I was messing with my iTunes and stumbled upon their second album Significant Other. I recommend going back and listening to an album that at one time you thought was stinking awesome, but then you stopped listening to because you realized the band is terribly lame. It was a strange journey that night = total acid trip without the acid or the trip (I pretty much just sat there in my chair).

On to more important things: this is the 3ooth post! Hot dang! It has been a while since I last posted, so I didn't know how to celebrate this day. I didn't want to come whimpering back with some lame post, so I had to find something good. Then, yesterday... it fell into my lap. Many may have seen this already (I know Steven, Jenna, and Sierra certainly have), but even we who have watched it once already should give it another go. We can make this happen people. We can make Quidditch a reality.

Thank you Steven for this amazing gem.

I now give you: Muggle Quidditch.