Friday, April 04, 2008

Elephant Painting

Wow. How strange is this? I sat there (I admit it, honey) fully skeptical of this actually being an elephant painting. I thought it was somebody's hand in a little "trunk puppet" sleeve, until they finally zoomed out and I saw the whole big monster painting an incredibly beautiful (and not just for an elephant--that painting is one I would have liked if I saw it in a Chinese Market or something). What an amazing animal. They'll rule us all someday. Mark my words.

"The Day the Elephants Came Out to Play"

The day the elephants came out to play
astonished, we knew not what to say.
Yet, happy for some company
we thought we'd try and teach them.

Intelligently the did learn
to draw and paint, and we in turn
grew glad that such enormous beasts
Could replicate Earth's beauty.

So human-like they seemed to us
(as anything that paints sure must)
But, attempting to communicate,
we learned they would not answer.

Centuries went on this way
(like Emi D.'s eternal day),
those slow and silent monsters
learned everything we knew.

They put to use their new-found knowledge
(many enrolled in elephant college).
Advancing medical science beyond
human understanding.

Some became excellent break dancers
others cured A.I.D.S. and even the cancers,
and, saving Earth from former Soviets,
they proved their incredible worth.

Then how we loved our elephant friends--
gift baskets of meat and cheese did we send.
But apparently elephants don't a-like-a the meat.
They turned and went stamping away.

The last time we saw them, they boarded a shuttle
and flew to the moon (where gravity is subtle).
And we are left to shoot rockets of peanuts to space
for our glorious grey princes in the sky.

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