Monday, April 21, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 4

Wow. This season is starting off with no rhyme of reason. My fantasy league team is doing absolutely TERRIBLE, and I seem incapable of figuring out who will actually pull off a win each week. Oh well, no one but me reads these anyway... ;)

I'm also adding each team's previous week's ranking (in parentheses) so we can see how they climb/fall.

1. KC Wizards (2) - back up top after beating Chicago 1-0 on the road.

2. FC Dallas (6) - Quite a climb this week. I almost gave the #2 spot to Columbus, but being the last unbeaten team ought to count for something. The win over Chivas also seems like a stronger showing than a win over DC (right now at least).

3. Chicago Fire (1) - The Fire are showing some terrible signs on the field whenever Blanco doesn't show up. Are they capable of a win if he gets injured? Defensively they still seem very solid (one goal allowed in their first four games--minus Soumare's own goal--is a pretty strong showing I'd say), but offensively, they have only scored more than one goal in a game once, and that was against the bi-polar Revs.

4. Columbus Crew (7) - Real Salt Lake beating the DCU reserves is one thing, Columbus beating their full strength squad (minus Benny) is another. This team doesn't feel "top-of-the-class," but they do feel steady.

5. NE Revolution (4) - They drop one spot due to the good play of the Crew and Dallas, but for getting the 1-1 tie against RBNY, even while playing a man down, they don't drop any further than that. If this team can get healthy (and keep all their men on the field for the full 90), they could dominate.

6. Colorado Rapids (3) - They went ahead and shocked me with the loss to SJ. Congrats, you guys are the first losers to a team that hadn't scored, yet. You get to drop three points.

7. Red Bull NY (9) - Not incredibly strong and blew two points in a game they should have put away against the Revs.

8. Chivas USA (8) - Lost to Dallas with Kljestan out (red card). It's not panic time... yet.

9. Toronto FC (12) - I gave them the #9 spot, above RSL, simply for the fact that they beat RSL. I don't really feel like they showed themselves as a stronger squad and were they to replay tomorrow the game could go the other way. However, a win is a win.

10. Real Salt Lake (10) - No movement this week.

11. LA Galaxy (13) - They climb two spots for both not losing and also because Houston and DC deserve to be dropped to the bottom for the states that they are in.

12. SJ Earthquakes (14) - They get their first goal and first win of the season. Thanks Senor O'Brien.

13. Houston Dynamo (11) - They barely get the nod over DC for #13. Who do you choose, the team with more losses or the team with less wins? Ultimately, I gave them the nod because they can at least claim injuries for their lack of performance.

14. DC United (5) - They lost again and after almost a full week of rest. They will climb up eventually, but how much does the loss of Benny seem like it is hurting this squad? They need someone else to stand up as the leader of this team and bring that passion. I really hope that I never have to put them at the bottom of the Power Rankings again.

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