Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movie Moment

Today's Papa's Movie Moment is brought to you by Samsong. Samsong, we make songsam great.

Exciting things on a few fronts. First a brief snippet of an interview with Matthew Fox about Lost (be warned Steven that he does mention something to come, although I didn't feel like it was spoiler-ish--if I can be given the license to make up that word). New Lost starts again tonight and I can't wait.

On another front, we have some info regarding Steve Carrell's next film, Get Smart. I absolutely loved that show when I was little and now I will get to love it again. One thing that surprised me was to learn that Mel Brooks was involved in the show's initial creation. I had no idea. How many fantastic movies and shows has that guy been involved in? I need to go check his imdb.

Finally, last night Sierra and I watched Juno. I really liked it. I thought it was clever and funny and touching. It had an obvious Napoleon feel to it, but it brought some depth that Napoleon lacked (depth referring mainly to the seriousness of the subject and emotional climax). My only complaint was that some of the "cool lingo" felt forced at times. There were exchanges and lines that didn't feel natural to me, and I think they could have had better success by toning some of that down a little bit (the scene with Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson is the one of which I am thinking in particular). I will give big kudos to Ellen Page, who did a great job, and also to Michael Cera, who was excellent.

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