Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been listening to Saturday Night Wrist again these past couple of days, and I gotta say... it is amazing. I've been loving the album since it came out, but I realized (on my way to work this morning) that this is probably my favorite Deftones album. That thought sort of struck me, because I have loved every single Deftones album that has ever come out (even though I sort of missed their self-titled album because I was on my mission, once I found it it steadily grew on me). Each album actually seems to get better and better, as far as I am concerned.

There aren't many bands that can sustain that kind of career (or at least my attention over the course of their career). It greatly impresses me that they can not only still be putting out music, but that I actually like the music that they are putting out. It is more than like it, though.

I love it.

Another random thought about Deftones before I end, I also realized that they are the unofficial standard of how hard and dark I like my music. Anything darker or heavier than Deftones and I usually don't care for it. I like all sorts of things on the other end of the spectrum, but this band knows exactly what extent of dark and heavy that I can love and they go there every album. It's beautiful.

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