Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Live And Intimate Episode 2: Chris Conley In A Back Alley

How cool is this video? Here Chris Conley of Saves The Day plays an acoustic version of "Hold" in a back alley.
Some of my favorite parts (after the video):

1. The police showing up - that takes me back to the Flowells days...
2. The officer liking the music, allowing Chris to finish the last verse, and then wanting a cd.
3. The extremely goofy/nerdy fans enjoying the music and intimacy of their manly mastodon, especially the last guy who is doing hand motions to act out the lyrics.
4. Chris looks 12.

Well, thank you for coming to enjoy another edition of Live And Intimate, here on my blog. Tune in next week when we do it again.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Raise Your Voice

If you haven't seen Hot Rod, then may I strongly suggest you stop what you are doing and go rent/watch that movie. I forgot how much I liked it until I watched it again this week. For those who have already see it: here is my favorite part.

More Wii Mayhem

Shamus Young keeps popping 'em out, so I keep linking to 'em.
Engozatelo. (<-- I think I made that word up...)

Stolen Pixels #76: Cheering You Up

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chris Farley's Secret Daughter

Update: I forgot to credit the source of the picture, so here it is: funny chuckle

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orson Scott Card

I am a very big fan of every book of his that I have read (the four Ender series books). When I have time again, I fully plan on reading the rest of his books. They are very enjoyable, deeply layered books and have inspired a great deal of inner reflection on my part. So, to begin I just want to say that I highly recommend his fiction and I think very highly of the man.

Lately, I have been discovering that I really like his non-fiction writing, too. He contributes regularly to mormontimes.com on subjects ranging from LDS music/literature (or the lack of what might be called more "quality" works in these fields) to his thoughts on how Elders Quorum might be taught to make it less boring (a fairly common problem--many teachers feel that their missions qualified them to "wing it" at a moment's notice without putting enough preparation in for some reason).

His most recent article deals with religion and politics, and while I often don't agree with his political sentiments (he leans more left than I), I always enjoy reading his take on things. I really thought that this article was spot on.

Assuming now that you have gone and read the article, I just have one thought that I'd like to share:

I find it fitting that the very people who (I feel) villify our Puritan ancestors most (my college professors and the many "free thinkers" that abhor the vice-like grip that the Puritans had over society), would now be compared to them and called the New Puritans. It is an interesting comparison, to say the least.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Will Our Children Be Prepared?

The Onion isn't afraid to ask the tough question that the rest of the mainstream media shies away from: are we adequately preparing our children for what is to come?

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elmo's Got Comedic Chops

This is an outtake from Sesame Street (from what I can gather). Ricky Gervais and Elmo being interviewed by some random off-screen woman. I'm amazed at the improv abilities of whoever does the arm and voice of Elmo. Anyway, it is certainly random and therefore worthy of our viewing.

Goodbye Sky Harbor

The Jimmy kick is alive and rocking for me young padawans. For those who are interested, here is a video from JEW's show in L.A. when they did the (almost) full length outro for "Goodbye Sky Harbor." It isn't 16 minutes. It is actually just under ten. The sound quality is not too bad and the camera is right up in the front so you get a great view of the looping work. Fun stuff.

Jimmy Eat World - "Goodbye Sky Harbor"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Whoppers beat Big Macs any day. Hands down.

The Big 2-5-0: Live And Intimate Is Born

This is my 250th post on here. That is kind of fun. Three more of these "250th" posts and I'll have three times as many. You do the math.

I decided I wanted to try a new feature on here. I don't have any schedule in mind for it (like having it be a Tuesday thing or whatever) right now, so for a little while at least, it will just be sporadic. The idea is to find videos of slightly more "intimate" performances by the bands I love. The majority will probably be solo acoustic performances by the singers of my favorite bands, but if I come across a great acoustic performance by any band and it feels right...I'm going with it. I won't be dictated to by myself and myself won't dictate to my me. Let the art be free...

Anyway, I'm thinking of calling it my Live and Intimate series. Any thoughts on a better name?

First up: Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. Am I on a big JEW kick right now again? Am I bordering on obsessive with my current re-infatuation with them? Am I asking myself questions on my blog? Is it really quiet in here all of a sudden...?

I love this band, and I love this man. This is a longer video with him playing two songs (one of which I had never heard before and will be trying to locate to add to my repertoire of the musicas). Please enjoy.

Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) - "Your House" and "Power"
- performed solo, acoustic, and live at the Modified Art Center in Phoenix, AZ.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Buck Nuts

Tommy Emmanuel:

Thou art a madman of the acoustic guitar. Thank you Adam for the heads up on this guy. All I can say is, "Wow."

Tommy Emmanuel - "Classical Gas"

Jimmy Eat World... Here I Came!

Well, Saturday night was astounding. Let me explain why:

1. They played Clarity in it entirety from front to back. This is amazing enough to make me happy for years and years to come, until I lose my sanity and can no longer remember such things.
2. Playing the album in its entirety meant playing "Goodbye Sky Harbor" in its entirety: all 16 minutes of it. It was amazing! They did all of the looping right there on stage, and that was really fun to see Jim laying down all of the voice tracks, then to have the band completely cut out and let the vocals do a "solo loop." Plus they had out the keyboards and xylophones.
3. After "Goodbye Sky Harbor," the band left the stage in order to return for the encore. The encore consisted of 8 songs: "What Would I Say To You Now," "No Sensitivity," "23," "Big Casino," "Work," "Pain," "The Middle," and "Sweetness."
4. On our drive to the theater (which was located in Tempe, AZ), we drove by the exit to Sky Harbor Airport. Ah...a little moment of clarity for us. I had no idea that Sky Harbor was an airport. It made many of the lyrics of the song make sense in a new way to me (and arguably the "correct" way).
5. I got a sweet commemorative t-shirt (shown below).
6. The Marquee Theater was PACKED (see picture below), and the crowd was amazing. I expected there to be tons of teeny-bopper girls there. Nope (although there were a few). The crowd seemed equal parts male/female/older/younger and really knew the band and its music. What a difference that makes.
7. They sounded amazing and I love them.

My shirt:

The crowd (I keep trying to find me, but alas I can't. I know that I'm somewhere on the left half and probably about halfway back. So...ten points if you can find me!):

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jimmy Eat World... Here I Come!

As many know (but most probably don't), Jimmy Eat World has been doing a ten show tour in honor of the tenth anniversary of their album Clarity--my favorite album of all time. The way in which they shall be honoring this album is by playing the album in its entirety and in order (as far as I know). This is more than exciting... this is like a dream fulfilled. Thus, if you will... a moment of silence please...



Excellent. The final show will be this Saturday in their hometown (or at least pretty close) in Arizona. Sierra and I shall be there.

Here are two of my favorite songs from the album:
First, a little song called "For Me This Is Heaven." This is the song that changed the way I listen to Jimmy Eat World (and also, in a round about way, inspired one of my songs, "Heaven's Showers"). I had already fallen in love with JEW from their album Bleed American (the album that came after Clarity), but this song didn't have the "fun/pop" feel (without being "pop/crap") that had initially attracted me to the band. This song showed me a much deeper and more complex songwriting ability possessed by this band. Also, be warned that there is some random girl playing piano and singing along with the band. I'm not sure who she is.
Jimmy Eat World - "For Me This Is Heaven"

The second song is the last track on Clarity and is called "Goodbye Sky Harbor." It is over 16 minutes in length and the majority of that is the outro--a fairly short sequence/phrase that is being repeated over and over and over with slight (and some more obvious) variations on the theme. The truth is, I don't know another song that can repeat the same basic riff/chord progression for about 8 minutes straight and not make me want to shoot myself. The fact that I will sit there and listen to this track all the way through every time without ever ever having even the slightest desire to change it, and instead sit there loving every second of it speaks very highly to me of the creative powers of this band. I'll shut up now and let you watch the song, by saying that this clip cuts out most of the outro so don't be afraid of it.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 32: George something Oscar Bluth, Jr.

Many know him as Gob GOB from TV's Arrested Development. Others know him from other stuff. Wherever he goes, there he is: Will Arnett.

A poem:

Will Arnett,
shall we forget
the emptiness we felt inside
the day Arrested Development died?
You GOB'd us,
we liked it,

Here he is as a special guest on Conan O'Brien.

Coheed - Neverender

I had no idea that this was happening/did happen until I got on Facebook this morning. So... I guess I missed that one. I remember Matt telling me that Coheed & Cambria were going to be playing some of the albums straight through, but I didn't realize that they were playing all four albums straight through and creating a DVD of the experience as well as a documentary of it. That is sweet.
So, here is the trailer for the Neverender concert series and DVD that Coheed did and will be releasing March 24th.
Update: Just like Matt told me they would be.


Thanks to Sara Young for sharing this with me (and others). This makes me so happy.

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog