Monday, April 28, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 5

Well, here we are after another week of strange outcomes and the effects of MLS parity. These teams are sure making it hard to know how to predict games. I will say that I easily had my best MLS Fantasy League week so far. Thank you Mr. Landon Donovan.

1. New England Revolution (5) - I'm giving NE a big ups here, because they beat unbeaten Dallas on the road while missing 6 of their would-be starters. This team is showing their depth and grit. If this team can do this well with over half of their "power players" off the field, then watch out MLS when they get healthy.

2. Columbus Crew (4) - The Crew pull ahead in the standings, but their win over Houston wasn't as impressive to me as New England's. Great stuff from the Crew though.

3. Chicago Fire (3) - Chicago beats the Rapids at home in a 2-1 victory. Not too shabby.

4. Kansas City (1) - KC drops 3 spots due to their 2-0 away loss to Toronto on Saturday. BMO field was already fairly scary before the team was any good. Now...

5. FC Dallas (2) - This team also drops three spots after their 1-0 loss to NE. Don't lose all hope yet boys.

6. RBNY (7) - They beat SJ 2-0 at home in what was an abysmal showing by their fans (9,000? That is pathetic). Despite TFC having more points in the standings, RBNY has a game in hand on Toronto, so I will give them the nod for now.

7. Toronto FC (9) - What a turn around! BMO Field is becoming a fortress, but I'm not convinced that this team can bring anything on the road. When they prove that, then I'll be sold.

8. LA Galaxy (11) - Landon Donovan scores a hat-trick, and Chivas USA lays an egg. I am still convinced that this season will be all over the place for LA as far as wins go, but we can rest assured that the games will be very exciting and filled with goals.

9. DC United (14) - That had to feel good for DC to come back and get a decided victory over RSL. It is too early to say that DC has all of their woes figured out, but they seem to be heading in the right direction. Congrats to Jaime Moreno for staying in the game in a meaningful way this long.

10. Colorado Rapids (6) - A strong start followed by some question marks.

11. Chivas USA (8) - Oh dear. What has happened in little LA? Guzan's transfer fees will surely take a hit if this team doesn't get it together.

12. Real Salt Lake (10) - Two straight away losses in (what I feel) are the two toughest road venues to play at. Those losses hurt, but there should still be hope for this team.

13. SJ Earthquakes (12) - Still languishing near the bottom. I can't imagine that Houston will stay below them for too much longer.

14. Houston Dynamo (13) - Sad, sad times for the Dynamo, but the season is long and there is time for them to turn it around.

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