Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Sucked Up The Video?

I have listened to Superdrag's album In the Valley of Dying Stars almost 10 times through now and it is excellent. Especially the song "In the Warmth of a Tomb." When you get the chance to check out Superdrag (which band has been around for quite a long time now) you should take it.

I now give you the music video to the song that made me want to look into this band, "Sucked Out." I love this song, but the music video is a little disappointing. There is just not much going on in it that makes it worth watching. Ah well.

Superdrag - "Sucked Out"

Papa out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harry Potter And The Muggle Struggle Part Four: Humble Little Harry

Well, back by popular demand (technically only one person asked about when I'd get around to completing this little project, but one person can be popular, no? Wouldn't that make her demand a popular demand? You do the math.), is another edition of that old essay of mine. Good luck trying to remember everything that came before. Heh heh...suckers...

This goodness doesn't come from a lack of temptation to turn bad, though. Harry is a very powerful wizard with great abilities. Most of his peers are incapable of the level of magic he can do. In fact, Harry often out-performs many of his superiors. He is able to perform a defensive spell, called the Patronus Charm, after his professor warns "that the charm might be too advanced for [Harry]. Many qualified wizards have difficulty with it" (Rowling, Prisoner 237). It is the cause of much doubt and confusion for the young wizard, especially when his powers closely parallel those of his enemy Voldemort. He learns that his ability to speak with snakes is very rare and usually only possessed by dark wizards like Voldemort (Rowling, Chamber 196). Harry has often pondered his resemblance to Voldemort and has feared that he was headed down the same path. That is one of the great lessons of the series. As headmaster Dumbledore teaches Harry, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities" (Rowling, Chamber 333). Edmund M. Kern mentions how Harry "...meets circumstances beyond his control with resolve and accepts that he must maintain his inner goodness and direct it outward in order to act on behalf of others" (15). Harry is constantly placed in situations where he must choose between right or wrong, good or bad, to save himself or to save others. Sometimes he is aware that he is facing a decision between good and evil; other times he's not. Yet, consistently he chooses the side of good.
That is where the morality of Harry's character comes most heavily into play. Here is a boy with tremendous potential, and a great deal of power. He is extremely talented at quidditch, a game that resembles soccer and is played on broomsticks, and is the youngest seeker in over 100 years (Rowling, Sorcerer's 152). He is undoubtedly the most powerful wizard in his school, he's very intelligent (even if his grades don't always reflect it; it's tough to get straight A's when you're saving the world), extremely famous, very wealthy, and to top it all off: he's a good-looking kid. Under those circumstances, it is quite normal for a teenager to get a big head and start to feel pretty superior to the "little people" who adore you. Yet, Harry hates the limelight. He avoids it at all costs. He doesn't like being put up on a pedestal or having fans. He's just as scared of girls and love as anyone else. He could use his powers for personal gain, and to mock those less fortunate than himself, but instead he is always sticking up for the little guy and helping those less fortunate than himself. If that's not a good role-model, than I don't know what is.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who To Play Mr. Bilbo Baggins?

This is such an important choice to me. I am torn between getting someone new who won't carry the baggage of superstar celebrity, or going with a nae that we can trust, because we have seen this actor play a character with depth before.

Anyway, you can go here to see some options that Reelzchannel has come up with. I especially like options 4 & 5 (although more because they are funny and less because I actually think either would do all that great a job).

That is all.

UPDATE: I just corrected the link. Sorry about that... (giggle giggle). Here is the link to the other article anyway, because it might be helpful to someone out there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Live And Intimate Episode 8: Ben Kweller's Family Tree

Ben Kweller. I love this man. Here he plays "Family Tree" off of his first album Sha Sha for a little live, in-store performance at the Zia Records in Tucson, AZ. For some reason I wasn't invited.

Please do yourself a favor (if you have not already) and go get any of this man's albums. His newest one, Changing Horses, is much more twangy/country than previous ones (which were more of a folky/country). So maybe don't start with that one. It is excellent, but it is a departure from his previous sound and feel.

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The Time Has Come

I have held off making a decision long enough. I think I hesitated partly because I didn't want to get hurt. The other part of my just didn't want to influence all of you--my loyal followers--in your own decision; I used to feel that this was a personal decision that each of us should come to on our own. Now I know different. Too much is at stake.

That is why I have decided to formally announce that I have indeed chosen a side and it is time for you to do the same. Granted I can't force your hand (if I could I would, trust me), so I will have to settle for simply pleading that you follow my lead and join Team Jacob.

Yes. I am Team Jacob.

Join me, and together we can rid the world of Team Edward scum (and by rid the world I really mean just snicker about them when we are quite confident that they can't hear, because I don't want to be responsible for hurting anyone's feelings).

Go Team Jacob. Go.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Nephews Strike Again

I love these guys. They are hilarious. Anyway, I am going to steal from my sister-in-law's blog and just post the funny conversation that she overheard between two of her boys earlier.

Grant- Did you know Jedi's don't have to go potty?
Spencer- Yeah they do.
Grant- Nuh uh. Then how come they never have to go potty in the movies?!
Spencer- Nobody uses the bathroom in movies.
Grant- I want to be in a movie!!!