Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been listening to Saturday Night Wrist again these past couple of days, and I gotta say... it is amazing. I've been loving the album since it came out, but I realized (on my way to work this morning) that this is probably my favorite Deftones album. That thought sort of struck me, because I have loved every single Deftones album that has ever come out (even though I sort of missed their self-titled album because I was on my mission, once I found it it steadily grew on me). Each album actually seems to get better and better, as far as I am concerned.

There aren't many bands that can sustain that kind of career (or at least my attention over the course of their career). It greatly impresses me that they can not only still be putting out music, but that I actually like the music that they are putting out. It is more than like it, though.

I love it.

Another random thought about Deftones before I end, I also realized that they are the unofficial standard of how hard and dark I like my music. Anything darker or heavier than Deftones and I usually don't care for it. I like all sorts of things on the other end of the spectrum, but this band knows exactly what extent of dark and heavy that I can love and they go there every album. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Soccer: The Science Vs. The Art

I have read some blogs and articles recently that have talked about one of the weaknesses in the American (and some of Europe) system of youth soccer. Here in the states, we have the science of the game down pat. We have incredibly advanced medical and exercise facilities to keep our players physically fit and healthy. We can train our players to have great endurance and be strong and all of that fun stuff. In this, we have the Science of soccer (and anything physical) down.

What we are lacking is the Art. What is the Art? Think of Brazil and Argentina. Think of the Latin flair that is so heavily sought after by the top clubs. This is the love for the game and the understanding of the intricate flows on the pitch that we, the USA, lack. The problem seems to be the way that we run our youth teams. The idea of winning is pushed into the brains of the children in a way that makes winning more important than skill.

What is the answer? I don't fully know. I know that some things have to change, but I don't know how to do it. We have had some gems come through the system (Landon Donovan) but the majority of our National Team playing pool is drab. They may be great guys with a lot of heart, but they don't have the soccer mind that someone like a Messi or Kaka has. Not even like a Christian Gomez has.

The USSF needs to work more closely with the youth programs and teach coaches how to inspire the love of the game into the hearts of the kids. I think we'd see less of a drop off around the age of 12-13 if we trained kids how to understand the game and love the game instead of just how to win. We need to be training players and not just scouting them.

Fun For You!

Well, I must give some big thanks to my cousins Ken and Joe (they are real) who turned me on to all of these. The first is a game that is perfect to help kill the boredom of work: Escapa!
It is pretty simple--don't touch the walls and don't let the moving blue blocks touch you. Survive as long as you can.

The second thing is a youtube channel that has goofy (yet surprisingly bland) mad scientist guy who blends things. I'm linking to the Chuck Norris one, but check out the ones where he blends Bic lighters, an iPhone, and glow sticks, too. Thank you, Blendtec!

Finally... what do you get when politicians cater to a small niche group of weirdos? Fun Youtubing for you and me!!! It is hilarious at first, but very quickly becomes quite sad.

Monday, April 28, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 5

Well, here we are after another week of strange outcomes and the effects of MLS parity. These teams are sure making it hard to know how to predict games. I will say that I easily had my best MLS Fantasy League week so far. Thank you Mr. Landon Donovan.

1. New England Revolution (5) - I'm giving NE a big ups here, because they beat unbeaten Dallas on the road while missing 6 of their would-be starters. This team is showing their depth and grit. If this team can do this well with over half of their "power players" off the field, then watch out MLS when they get healthy.

2. Columbus Crew (4) - The Crew pull ahead in the standings, but their win over Houston wasn't as impressive to me as New England's. Great stuff from the Crew though.

3. Chicago Fire (3) - Chicago beats the Rapids at home in a 2-1 victory. Not too shabby.

4. Kansas City (1) - KC drops 3 spots due to their 2-0 away loss to Toronto on Saturday. BMO field was already fairly scary before the team was any good. Now...

5. FC Dallas (2) - This team also drops three spots after their 1-0 loss to NE. Don't lose all hope yet boys.

6. RBNY (7) - They beat SJ 2-0 at home in what was an abysmal showing by their fans (9,000? That is pathetic). Despite TFC having more points in the standings, RBNY has a game in hand on Toronto, so I will give them the nod for now.

7. Toronto FC (9) - What a turn around! BMO Field is becoming a fortress, but I'm not convinced that this team can bring anything on the road. When they prove that, then I'll be sold.

8. LA Galaxy (11) - Landon Donovan scores a hat-trick, and Chivas USA lays an egg. I am still convinced that this season will be all over the place for LA as far as wins go, but we can rest assured that the games will be very exciting and filled with goals.

9. DC United (14) - That had to feel good for DC to come back and get a decided victory over RSL. It is too early to say that DC has all of their woes figured out, but they seem to be heading in the right direction. Congrats to Jaime Moreno for staying in the game in a meaningful way this long.

10. Colorado Rapids (6) - A strong start followed by some question marks.

11. Chivas USA (8) - Oh dear. What has happened in little LA? Guzan's transfer fees will surely take a hit if this team doesn't get it together.

12. Real Salt Lake (10) - Two straight away losses in (what I feel) are the two toughest road venues to play at. Those losses hurt, but there should still be hope for this team.

13. SJ Earthquakes (12) - Still languishing near the bottom. I can't imagine that Houston will stay below them for too much longer.

14. Houston Dynamo (13) - Sad, sad times for the Dynamo, but the season is long and there is time for them to turn it around.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movie Moment

Today's Papa's Movie Moment is brought to you by Samsong. Samsong, we make songsam great.

Exciting things on a few fronts. First a brief snippet of an interview with Matthew Fox about Lost (be warned Steven that he does mention something to come, although I didn't feel like it was spoiler-ish--if I can be given the license to make up that word). New Lost starts again tonight and I can't wait.

On another front, we have some info regarding Steve Carrell's next film, Get Smart. I absolutely loved that show when I was little and now I will get to love it again. One thing that surprised me was to learn that Mel Brooks was involved in the show's initial creation. I had no idea. How many fantastic movies and shows has that guy been involved in? I need to go check his imdb.

Finally, last night Sierra and I watched Juno. I really liked it. I thought it was clever and funny and touching. It had an obvious Napoleon feel to it, but it brought some depth that Napoleon lacked (depth referring mainly to the seriousness of the subject and emotional climax). My only complaint was that some of the "cool lingo" felt forced at times. There were exchanges and lines that didn't feel natural to me, and I think they could have had better success by toning some of that down a little bit (the scene with Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson is the one of which I am thinking in particular). I will give big kudos to Ellen Page, who did a great job, and also to Michael Cera, who was excellent.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I had heard about this comedy series (I will indeed call it that) before, but I admit that I had no clue what it was about or who was in it. Today, in my Later 18th Century British Literature class, my teacher showed us a skit. I must say that I was quite pleased with it. To begin, Rowan Atkinson plays the character of Blackadder and it is one of the most serious roles I have ever seen him in (not because he isn't funny, but in the sense of the style of humor; it is not that over the top silliness that a character like Mr. Bean brings and requires). It also features Hugh Laurie (perhaps known best to American audiences for his role as Dr. House from House M.D.). It is an incredibly smart/clever style of humor and supposes at least somewhat of a knowledge of history and literature on the part of the audience.

Anyway, if anyone is feeling like they are just not getting enough quirky British humor in their diet, then go check out Blackadder. I know that I shall (after I finish Firefly).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burn Notice

Last night Utah beat Houston again (in Houston) and now get to head back home for what will presumably be the final two games of the series. It is not impossible for Houston to come back and get one, but I don't see it happening.

After the game, Cody showed us a show called Burn Notice. Think MacGyver meets Jack Bauer. The basic plot is of a spy who gets a "burn notice" (or perhaps more commonly we would say black listed or something) from the agency for which he was working. They freeze his assets so he has no access to funds, and leave him high and dry in the middle of a "situation" (I used that word so I wouldn't have to reveal too many plot details). The show was quite enjoyable. It was witty/clever as well as exciting and reminded me of that feeling I used to get when MacGyver would come waltzing into a bad situation and then escape by making some kind of laser gun out of french fries (although this one seems more realistic so far). Anyway, I give it a thumbs up. Go check it out.

Also, it even features Bruce Campbell (who played Ash in Evil Dead/Army of Darkness). So, toake that you B, cult movie junkies.

Monday, April 21, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 4

Wow. This season is starting off with no rhyme of reason. My fantasy league team is doing absolutely TERRIBLE, and I seem incapable of figuring out who will actually pull off a win each week. Oh well, no one but me reads these anyway... ;)

I'm also adding each team's previous week's ranking (in parentheses) so we can see how they climb/fall.

1. KC Wizards (2) - back up top after beating Chicago 1-0 on the road.

2. FC Dallas (6) - Quite a climb this week. I almost gave the #2 spot to Columbus, but being the last unbeaten team ought to count for something. The win over Chivas also seems like a stronger showing than a win over DC (right now at least).

3. Chicago Fire (1) - The Fire are showing some terrible signs on the field whenever Blanco doesn't show up. Are they capable of a win if he gets injured? Defensively they still seem very solid (one goal allowed in their first four games--minus Soumare's own goal--is a pretty strong showing I'd say), but offensively, they have only scored more than one goal in a game once, and that was against the bi-polar Revs.

4. Columbus Crew (7) - Real Salt Lake beating the DCU reserves is one thing, Columbus beating their full strength squad (minus Benny) is another. This team doesn't feel "top-of-the-class," but they do feel steady.

5. NE Revolution (4) - They drop one spot due to the good play of the Crew and Dallas, but for getting the 1-1 tie against RBNY, even while playing a man down, they don't drop any further than that. If this team can get healthy (and keep all their men on the field for the full 90), they could dominate.

6. Colorado Rapids (3) - They went ahead and shocked me with the loss to SJ. Congrats, you guys are the first losers to a team that hadn't scored, yet. You get to drop three points.

7. Red Bull NY (9) - Not incredibly strong and blew two points in a game they should have put away against the Revs.

8. Chivas USA (8) - Lost to Dallas with Kljestan out (red card). It's not panic time... yet.

9. Toronto FC (12) - I gave them the #9 spot, above RSL, simply for the fact that they beat RSL. I don't really feel like they showed themselves as a stronger squad and were they to replay tomorrow the game could go the other way. However, a win is a win.

10. Real Salt Lake (10) - No movement this week.

11. LA Galaxy (13) - They climb two spots for both not losing and also because Houston and DC deserve to be dropped to the bottom for the states that they are in.

12. SJ Earthquakes (14) - They get their first goal and first win of the season. Thanks Senor O'Brien.

13. Houston Dynamo (11) - They barely get the nod over DC for #13. Who do you choose, the team with more losses or the team with less wins? Ultimately, I gave them the nod because they can at least claim injuries for their lack of performance.

14. DC United (5) - They lost again and after almost a full week of rest. They will climb up eventually, but how much does the loss of Benny seem like it is hurting this squad? They need someone else to stand up as the leader of this team and bring that passion. I really hope that I never have to put them at the bottom of the Power Rankings again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts on RSL

I noticed today that Real Salt Lake has scored in every game that they have played. That impressed me. I am very excited for this team in'08, and I feel like they are finally heading down a road of success. It is too early to tell for sure, but they have impressed me. You take a team like Chicago or FC Dallas (neither have lost yet, and Chicago has even eeked out a few wins), and I'm not impressed. Chicago's (I should say Blanco's) last minute goal to tie with RSL in week 1 was a fluke. I'm calling it that. That was a piece of Blanco magic, and frankly I don't blame RSL for that. The next week can't be blamed on a fluke as much, but RSL came out as ballers. They played very well, but thigns didn't go their way in the end (and it stung even more because of the two goals by Attiba and Esky). Game three, they finally got the win. Now, that fluke thing could come right back in calling their win against a decidedly less-than-normal-strength DCU, but RSL didn't just beat them. They beat them soundly.

I am very hopeful for this team. It seems to me like they are at that point where all the pieces are in place. All they need now is that finishing touch. It is up to the strikers to gain that confidence to finish the chances that they are creating. This week will help. They are going against Toronto and it is a game that they should win (despite the addition of Amado). This is an important game for RSL. They need to step up and take that confidence from last week's destruction of DCU Reserves and finish against Toronto. The whole season doesn't hinge on this game, but it will determine where they end up. If they can beat TOR this week, with their offense finishing the way they should, then they can set themselves up to actually have a great season. If not, then they are going to continue with that struggle that has marked their existence these past three years.

To sum up: RSL will show great improvement this year. How they do this weekend will determine just how great. A win this week could help propel them to the confidence that they will need to not just drag themselves into the playoffs (finally), but to actually earn that playoff spot with strength and honor.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 3

NEWhat a strange start to the season. So many upsets and injuries. So many goals. I hardly know what to think anymore. Yet, I will do my best to rank these teams as I see them in strength. I am ditching the conference format and setting up as single table from here on out.

1. Chicago Fire - They haven't been consistently dominant in play, but they have gotten the wins.

2. Kansas City - They drop to 2nd after a loss to NE and the scoreless tie against Houston. A win against Chicago this week will earn them the #1 spot again.

3. Colorado Rapids - I will be shocked if they don't get the win against San Jose. Christian Gomez seems to have sparked something in this team. Can they keep it up over the long run though?

4. NE Revolution - Injuries that would have left other teams crippled have been staved off by some young guns stepping up.

5. DC United - A strong team that has been distracted but Champions Cup. They'll be rising again now that they've been knocked out.

6. FC Dallas - Kenny Cooper and Arturo Alvarez are proving their worth.

7. Columbus Crew - An impressive win against Chivas puts them in the seven spot. Their attack is faring better than expected.

8. Chivas USA - With Mendoza and Kljestan out with red cards, the Goats could have a tough time in Dallas.

9. Red Bulls New York - The defense doesn't look up to snuff, but they still look decently strong.

10. Real Salt Lake - Still my dark horse, and they are finally starting to gel. I don't care if it was against a weak DCU squad. They looked good out there, and the confidence is rising.

11. Houston Dynamo - Too many woes for this team right now. Caig in goal has not found form and makes you wonder if he ever had it. Boswell is not looking good in defense either.

12. Toronto FC - They get a great road win over LA and the addition of Amado "El Lobo" Guevara will help, but it is too risky to think that he will stay happy all season long.

13. - LA Galaxy - Strange times in LA. Ditch Lalas, ditch Ruiz, and spread that $$$ around for some quality across the board.

14. - San Jose Earthquakes - Keep your heads up, boys. Some day it will come.

Across the Forced/Contrived Universe

Last night I finally saw Across the Universe. It was a visually stunning film, and I will definitely give it a thumbs up in that category. The singers did a great job, too (I especially loved Jojo's voice) with the sole exception of Sadie. She bugged.

I was disappointed with the movie, in the end. It felt like "they" (the writers/director) were trying to make a Beatles' version of Moulin Rouge. I loved Moulin Rouge (once the first ten minutes were over), but this movie felt like it fell way short. That is sad to me. It felt like it had so much potential, but I felt like the story and songs were being forced. Little clever lines that quoted Beatles' song lyrics didn't feel clever to me--they felt silly and contrived.

There were little story lines that had no relevance and went nowhere (especially Prudence's little story). The effect was a distraction. I never was able to get into any characters to any great extent, partly because of the distracting/irrelevant side stories and also in part to the notion of character development based almost solely through songs (that weren't written or intended to be used to bridge separate events.

Another complaint of mine was the "agenda-filled" story. I have seen countless "anti-war" films in my life, and, unless they bring something new to the table, it is easy to end up feeling like re-hash or propaganda (for a great example of a movie that treated the Vietnam era in a way that felt honest, yet without an agenda, see Forrest Gump). Now, I am not claiming that all that can be said about the Vietnam War has been said, nor am i saying that there is no place for bias in film making. What I am saying is that there have already been so many biased films on the subject, that I'm not going to be excited about that re-hash unless it brings something new to the table. I didn't feel like this did. In fact, I really just felt like it was a failed attempt at trying to milk a movie out of something that is loved by so many people; The Beatles' music.

I also admit that my love of musicals isn't great. I can appreciate them, but usually they have to be pretty amazing to impress me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

MLS Needs To Step Up 2: The Streets

I am really pleased with how the MLS has been so slow and steady in its growth over the first decade of its existence. I really think that foundation will make the difference between a league that has staying power.

We are heading into strange times now though. MLS is trying to grow the league. More teams, more investors, more stadiums, and more attractive soccer on the field so that fans will increase. They also want more international competitions between MLS and foreign leagues. I am all for these moves, but I hope that MLS will understand the need for continued patience in this. The salary limits they have in place make it almost impossible for their teams to have the depth required to play that many games and play well. Having MLS teams consistently suck in these "outside" competitions will do nothing but make the league look terrible.

They need to raise the salary cap and especially developmental salaries. Young American players are fleeing to European leagues because their league back home won't pay them enough to actually survive. There is no way that a team (even ones so decorated as DC United and the Houston Dynamo) can survive the number of games that the league is forcing them into. Don't get me wrong, they want to be there and want to play, but no amount of wanting will win those games if their legs are tied up.

I agree with the many others that have said that the next CBA is paramount to this league's continued success. However, I think that needs to be coupled with the easing off of international competition for the two or four top teams. CCL, Superliga, US Open Cup, Pan-American Cup, and MLS Cup take a toll. This is why we have seen the top teams int he league consistently under perform in the US Open Cup. They field their reserve squads for it. Of course they do! What team on earth would put out their best squads for a tournament that isn't marketed, receives close to no television coverage, and whose payday is fairly pathetic? No one, that's who.
I say, turn the Superliga into a second-tier tournament (under the CCL) and open it up to more countries' second-tier squads. That way the top four of MLS play in the CCL, and the next four can have a go at the Superliga. Make the payday for the Superliga and CCL proportionate, also. Raise the salary cap a little, and I think we've got a solution on our hands, boys.

Word of the Day

I guess that my thought to sculpt Matt out of clay is not much more than a simple velleity at this point.

Monday, April 07, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Weeks 1 & 2 Combined

Well, after week two of the season, we have finally seen all of the teams play. Where do they sit in the pecking order? I'll let you know.


1. KC - What a week for Jimmy Conrad. Claudio Lopez is showing his quality and so is forward Ivan Trujillo. Their 2-0 defeat of DCU (last year's Supporter's Shield winner) wasn't easy, but impressive nonetheless. Now they have put Colorado back in their place, and frankly I'm excited for this team this year. The new mini-RFK seems like such a better fit for them (all awkward camera angles aside).

2. DCU - Their loss to KC will obviously make it hard to put them at the #1 spot, but they are strong. Jaime Moreno's return from injury is a much-needed plus going into the 2nd leg of their CONCACAF Champions Cup against Mexican side Pachuca (they are down 2-0 in the two leg series and need to beat the other team by at least three goals to move on). That is a tall order, but they showed the depth to be able to rest some players in their 4-0 dismantling of Toronto FC on Saturday.

3. CHI - I was not impressed with their performance against RSL in week one. In fact, Blanco's goal in full length stoppage time was one of those fluke things that just happens occasionally to a team. The team showed no possession or attacking prowess. Now, fast forward one week, and their destruction of NE looks like a whole new team. Something came together for this team and they showed some real quality (even Chad Barrett looked good all game long).

4. RBNY - They've only played one game, but they did beat Columbus 2-0 and they did it well. I think Osorio will get this team to gel, and shore up last year's defensive woes. JPA and Jozy up top = destruction for goalies' GAA.

5. NE - What can I say? The loss of goal-scoring machine Taylor Twellman and Ironman/Captain Steve Ralston didn't seem like it would matter with the two new Gambians having their way with Houston's flanks, but then Chicago showed them how bad it can hurt. All is not lost for the team, but the shoes that Cristman has to fill may just be a little too big for the tyke at this point.

6. CLB - They beat Toronto 2-0 on opening day. They lost to RBNY 2-0 one week later. Another year of steady mediocrity.

7. TOR - Another sad, sad start for this 2nd year franchise. 2-0 loss to CLB, then a 4-0 drubbing against DCU. Their fans are special, so kudos to them for that (and that is not said in sarcasm. The fact that over 2,000 of them--I've read closer to 3,000--went down to Columbus for the opening game is fantastic).


1. CHV - They played to a 1-1 draw against Dallas, and then beat RSL 3-1 (with the two strikers that just left RSL this past off-season scoring). They are off to a good start this season.

2. HOU - I realize that Dallas had a stronger showing in their first two games, as did Colorado, and LA. However, this team is in the same boat as DCU with CONCACAF games testing their depth (four games in two weeks). They passed the depth test for me at this point.

3. DAL - Two weeks, two ties. Nothing incredibly impressive, but still showing some strength, also.

4. RSL - Some might find this strange, given that they still haven't won and both Colorado and LA have. My reason is simply quality of opponent. Chicago has proven themselves a dangerous team, and Chivas is #1 in the West. Against CHI, they held possession the entire game and barely lost two points for one of those unlucky Blanco-nian strikes of fate. While losing to CHV is no fun (especially when every player you just sent over there scored on you), this team is showing some grit and determination.

5. COL - An impressive start to the season until one remembers who they beat (lame duck LA). Granted they did this without half of their starters, but their loss to KC showed that they can't hang with the bigger kids in school.

6. LA - Wow. 4-0 loss to COL to start the season is terrible. Landy-cakes and Beckham scoring/assisting against expansion SJ had to have felt good for them, but the loss of Carlos Ruiz is going to hurt (even with Beckham). So much depends on the incredibly untested shoulders of Steve Cronin.

7. SJ - Welcome back! I hope you have some patience.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Elephant Painting

Wow. How strange is this? I sat there (I admit it, honey) fully skeptical of this actually being an elephant painting. I thought it was somebody's hand in a little "trunk puppet" sleeve, until they finally zoomed out and I saw the whole big monster painting an incredibly beautiful (and not just for an elephant--that painting is one I would have liked if I saw it in a Chinese Market or something). What an amazing animal. They'll rule us all someday. Mark my words.

"The Day the Elephants Came Out to Play"

The day the elephants came out to play
astonished, we knew not what to say.
Yet, happy for some company
we thought we'd try and teach them.

Intelligently the did learn
to draw and paint, and we in turn
grew glad that such enormous beasts
Could replicate Earth's beauty.

So human-like they seemed to us
(as anything that paints sure must)
But, attempting to communicate,
we learned they would not answer.

Centuries went on this way
(like Emi D.'s eternal day),
those slow and silent monsters
learned everything we knew.

They put to use their new-found knowledge
(many enrolled in elephant college).
Advancing medical science beyond
human understanding.

Some became excellent break dancers
others cured A.I.D.S. and even the cancers,
and, saving Earth from former Soviets,
they proved their incredible worth.

Then how we loved our elephant friends--
gift baskets of meat and cheese did we send.
But apparently elephants don't a-like-a the meat.
They turned and went stamping away.

The last time we saw them, they boarded a shuttle
and flew to the moon (where gravity is subtle).
And we are left to shoot rockets of peanuts to space
for our glorious grey princes in the sky.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Black Mormon History

While searching for confirmation of whether or not Snoop Dogg is Mormon (for original post with link go here, and for the record--scroll to the bottom of the "CNN" article and you'll see that it was indeed an April Fool's joke), I came across an article that highlights a new independent film about the history of black Mormons. My dad knows Darius Gray, and for some reason that makes me feel closer to this film. I'm interested in seeing it, and will definitely review it after I do.

Snoop Converts!

My dad sent me an e-mail that had this link to a CNN article about Snoop Dogg converting to Mormonism. Later, he sent another one informing me that this was an April Fool's joke (I think his source was a family member of Gladys Knight--in whose choir my father sings). I have to say that this is one of the funniest hoaxes I've ever heard. I realize that I'm biased (being myself a Mormon), but I was laughing my head off at the picture of Snoop Dogg holding the Book of Mormon. His quotes were fantastic, also.

I think his April Fool's Joke barely edges mine out. I give him full credit for that. Yes, and perhaps some mad props. Indeed. I do believe some of those would be in order. I'll get some sent off to him at my earliest convenience.

In unrelated news, Steven got me signed up on this "Word of the Day" e-mail service. I am loving it! Today's word was "omphalos." The reason I bring it up, though is because of a sister-word (of sorts) that i found to be one of the coolest words I have ever heard: "omphaloskepsis" (which means "contemplation of one's navel"). How cool is that?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MLS Fantasy

Well, I just made some changes for this weekend's games. I almost immediately regretted it--it would have been smart to wait and see if anyone gets injured tonight or tomorrow in CONCACAF Champions Cup. Oh well. My team (Papa FC) did not do too hot last weekend. I earned 32 points. That puts me in 8934th place, overall (the high being 188 points. Yikes).

I did fare better in my league (where I placed 32nd out of 48). My league is The Official RSL Fantasy League or something like that. I don't really know why I chose that one over DC's league. My guess is that I saw a link for that league before I saw one for DC.

Anyway, my current lineup looks like this:

Goalkeeper - Pat Onstad (HOU)

Defenders - Wade Barrett (HOU), Eddie Robinson (HOU), Marc Burch (DCU), Michael Harrington (KC)

Midfielders - Andy Williams (RSL), Kyle Beckerman (RSL), Sainey Nyassi (NE), Clyde Simms (DCU)

Forwards - Luciano Emilio (DCU), Claudio Lopez (KC)

Coach - Thomas Soehn (DCU)

Bench - Guillermo Barros Schelloto (CLB), Alex Nimo (RSL), Brian Carroll (CLB)

Let's go Papa FC! Fight to the death, eat to the finish, nibble on some bums, and get inverted! Let's bring home to cake to mama.

A Post Bereft of References to April Fool's Day

Gotcha! Woo, jokes are fun, and you all just got suckered into the greatest of them all! I hope that you all will forgive me.

April Fool's Day, April Fool's Day, but April Fool's Day until April Fool's Day got April Fool's Day another April Fools' Day. Oh, and Gary says, "April Fool's Day."

Moving on, today is a big day for soccer with Champions League quaterfinals going on in Europe. I, however, am far more concerned with DC United's away leg against Pachuca tonight. It's the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup and I am hoping and praying that DC will be able to pull out a win down there (they never have won a game in Mexico before). I will be totally happy with a tie, but a loss will definitely make things difficult for them.

Houston and Saprissa will play their semi-final game tomorrow (in Costa Rica). I can't even begin to say how excited that would make me to see two MLS teams in the final final (no mistake there, this is the last year of existence for the CONCACAF Champions Cup--it will become the CONCACAF Champions League this year and will increase the number of participating teams from 8 to 24. This is a GREAT thing).

Sadly, I will have to miss the game, but I will make a giant effort to try and watch it later on (by any means necessary).