Thursday, May 29, 2008

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 27: Forsooth, Mine Tooth

A cuckold. Who knew?

This week's poems will continue in the latest trend of being from my class last semester. The first is a villanelle.

Something New

You say I gave my dream away,
but that isn’t true;
my dream changed.

I hope you’ll understand one day,
but no matter what I do
you say I gave my dream away.

You won’t believe me when I say
that yours could have changed, too.
My dream changed

from something old and grey
to something new.
You say I gave my dream away

But I’ll tell you, if I may,
just what I have gone through.
My dream changed

and so now I’ll pray
to share this dream with you.
You say I gave my dream away.
My dream changed.

Incarcerate me if you think that I deserve it. I won't put up a fight. It would be nice to see George again, the old coot. Anyway, here is this week's haiku:

Tiny buzzing bees
work so hard to make honey.
Don’t come close to me.

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