Monday, May 19, 2008

Fahrenheit 451

Don't consider this a book review, as much as something that I greatly enjoyed from a book. I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 this morning (for the first time ever--somehow I missed the boat on that childhood experience, that everyone else seems to have had, of reading this book). I loved it! I think one of the things that I loved most about it was how Bradbury made the book feel foreign and incoherent in the first part, but as time went on and Montag became more aware of himself and the real world, the book began to feel more coherent. It fit perfectly with this theme of literature containing knowledge and helping us to become aware of ourselves (like the phoenix).

Anyway, that is all I will say for now, because I don't want to empty my head of thoughts on Bradbury's work before our book club meeting. Oh, I lied, I will also say that I highly recommend it to all.

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