Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 9

Oh boy oh boy! DC finally breaks their 4 game losing streak, and I couldn't be happier about that. They aren't back to form by any means and frankly have a long way to go. I was impressed by their grit and determination to win. They went down a goal twice before eventually pulling ahead for the win. So, my deepest congrats to them, and a plea to right the ship and get back into form. Build from here boys.

1. Chicago Fire (2) - What a beating they gave to NY. Holy cow. Blanco (who has been cleverly nicknamed--not by me, although I find it hilarious--"the Hunchback of Bridgeview") was involved with four of the goals. Man, has that guy been worth the money or what? He is a serious baller and has come to win.

2. NE Revolution (3) - These guys climb for beating the Crew on the road. You know that this team is missing Twellman, but I have been so impressed with their depth and Nicol's managing skills.

3. Columbus Crew (1) - Big drop for previously #1 Crew. Not all is lost (they are still in a three way tie with NE and Chicago for first place in points, but losing at home sucks.

4. Toronto FC - (6) - Things get pretty sticky from here on out in the rankings. Toronto jumps two places despite losing one of the two games they played this week. That is mostly due to the losses of the two teams that were above them. They have built up a solid team (RSL fans have to just be seething at how well both Chivas and Toronto have been able to do in the same or shorter amount of time), but I am still not convinced that they are championship quality.

5. LA Galaxy (8) - What a jump for the Galaxy this week. Their win over KC puts them in first place in the West, and the re-emergence of Edson Buddle gives them yet another attacking option. The defense is still terrible, but could actually improve tremendously with a little tweaking (what that tweaking is, I'm not sure, but if Ruud has a clue then watch out). Honestly, this team's attacking abilities are astounding, and if they can even slightly shore up the defense, then they will become the terror of the West.

6. RBNY - (5) - Despite their 5-1 loss to the Fire, I still will place this team above Colorado. Why? Clavijo (see below).

7. Colorado Rapids (7) - I have a difficult time trusting a team under Clavijo to be anything more than mediocre (with flashes of brilliance tempered by flashes of whatever is the opposite of brilliance).

8. KC Wizards (4) - Big drop this week for KC. It almost doesn't feel justified, but the truth is that they are in a slide. If Claudio Lopez can shine consistently then they will climb back up, but we will have to see.

9. Chivas USA (11) - A road win against Colorado goes a long way in helping this team regain their form at the top of the West.

10. FC Dallas (10) - Coming from behind to get the win against RSL must have felt good for this team in turmoil. Rhine's ejection was merited from his ridiculous actions.

11. Houston Dynamo (9) - They lost to their former selves. That is twisted.

12. DC United (13) - A win at home raises this struggling team up, but not much. They will have to prove that they are contenders over the next few weeks to get out of the basement.

13. RSL (12) - It was so tempting to drop these guys to the bottom after their loss, but I won't. I am starting to wonder why this team isn't gelling. What is it going to take for this talent laden team to come together (they may not all be the most talented int heir position, but they are strong all over the field. They need results and now).

14. SJ Earthquakes (14) - They beat their... oh I don't know how all of this confusion is supposed to be resolved. Beating Houston must have felt exquisite to the Quakes and their fans (probably mostly to the fans).

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