Monday, May 05, 2008

MLS Power Rankings: Week 6

1. Columbus Crew (2) - Another game, another win; this team is on fire.

2. Chicago Fire (3) - Another impressive win against NE this season. They have outscored NE 7-0 in two games. Wow.

3. Kansas City (4) - A loss and yet they climb the rankings? This is for three reasons: they played #1 Columbus in their loss and still looked pretty good, the Revs' loss was atrocious (and I can't dare to put them above KC at the moment), and the East is dominating the West.

4. NE Revolution (1) - Bad bad times in a loss like that. The Revs are starting to get some of their players back, but will that mess up the mojo of their reserves-turned-starters squad?

5. RBNY (6) - I realize that TOR has a point on RBNY, but they also have a game in hand and NY got the road tie against a TOR team that had been dominating at home.

6. Toronto FC (7) - More fantastic stuff coming out of Toronto; who saw any of this coming when the season started? This team did NOTHING but lose a good player in the off season, but give Mo credit for bringing in three quality players (at least) in the early weeks of the season to get this team going. BMO is a scary place to play these days.

7. FC Dallas (5) - I'm not impressed with an 0-0 score against SJ. I don't care if it is a road game.

8. Colorado Rapids (10) - Gomez or Gallardo? Clavijo has got to be psyched about his trade right now.

9. LA Galaxy (8) - They showed some grit, and Beckham singlehandedly got this team a road point.

10. RSL (12) - They gave up a 2-0 lead to Beckham's heroics, but a tie in which they score rates higher in my book at the moment than a tie in which they don't (i.e. Chivas). There were times that they looked good.

11. DC United (9) - Something is wrong in our nation's capital. We're starting to hear those old grumblings of "Fire Soehn" again. I don't know if I can really argue, but the loss of Olsen can't be underestimated in this now leaderless team (Moreno may wear the armband, but Olsen was the heart of this squad).

12. Chivas USA (11) - Guzan showed his worth, but it wasn't enough for this team to get a goal.

13. SJ Earthquakes (13) - No change.

14. Houston Dynamo (14) - No change.

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