Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Screen Writing

Well. I have to somehow make this brief. Today, Matt told me about the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) going on strike (scheduled for November 1st--the day after their contract expires). I have been perusing the intraweb all day long reading about it. Frankly, I'm fascinated.
However, this blog post isn't about that; while searching and reading, I stumbled upon a fantastic site for aspiring screen writers (like me). Wordplay. Read the introduction. Read the Welcome. Read the columns. I only made it to the second before I felt the need to come write about it. I find it very fascinating in the best of ways. Does it have the potential to become formulaic? Well, sure. In fact, that is probably my favorite part about it: it's honesty about what it is actually providing. After making it through the first two columns, I feel greatly inspired to spend more time getting these stories in my head on paper (perhaps more literally on my compy).
I'll be mentioning the writer's strike soon enough. Never you mind. This felt more important, though. This is my passion: writing. It is so refreshing to find materials that are conducive to that frame of mind.

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