Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Finishing of a Book

I just finished reading a book (and I mean I just got off the pot having finished the conclusion as I, well. As I concluded other actions). It is Arthur Herman's How the Scots Invented the Modern World. I must say that I am fascinated by it. He makes some incredible points about the contribution Scotland and its minds have played in creating our current world. One complaint I had was that it didn't feel well supported (in the sense of showing me who said what or where he got his information from), but in the end I saw that he has a chapter by chapter run through of where to go for more information. I was very surprised to learn that Scotland has its own parliament again. I freely admit a deep bias for all things Scottish, and--it is because of that--I fear for the nation to rush too quickly into any sort of separation from the Union. While my heart would be so pleased to see Scotland become its own nation, I just hope that much prudence would be used in doing so. Herman had many great points about the benefits of the Union and the role that Scotland has played in politics for Great Britain as a whole. It is dangerous to fall too deeply into the role of bitterness and playing the victim. Scotland's failures and successes are their own, and it would do more harm than good to make England the scape-goat. having said all of that, I've never been to Scotland, and until reading this book, have always looked at England as the bad guy and Scotland as the victim. I can definitely understand any Scot feeling that way, too.

I am greatly inspired to learn more of the history of Scotland/Ireland/England/Wales and the formation of Great Britain. I'm also feeling deeply inspired to learn more of the ancient cultures that gave birth to all of these great nations.

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