Friday, October 12, 2007


It's time for Lost again. No, the show isn't back on, yet. I'm referring to Sierra and me finally getting around to finishing it (so she can be ready for the next season). We're currently on disc 5 of season 2. I have to say, this show has surpassed 24 in my book for awesome shows. This is in no way a denial of how awesome 24 is... I just feel like if I were to go out and buy the first season of either one of these shows, I would buy Lost.
I am absolutely fascinated by this show. The story is incredible. Every time a question gets answered, so many new ones are brought up. Even on the (as I like to call them) "filler episodes" (like Hurley's from Season 3), I'm still left ecstatic and in wonderment at what is going on. It is so successful at riding that very thin line between supernatural and scientifically sound.
Anyway, for anyone who hasn't gotten into this show and plans to--please do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. Don't think that starting from season two is acceptable. The journey of confusion/enlightenment as you learn the backs-stories of these characters is so enjoyable.

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Chelsea said...

I agree with you about Lost Johnathan Cory! I miss you and Sierra. Hope to see you both soon.