Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Second Amendment

I had a thought that some of you have already heard me share. It has recently dawned on me why it is so important to maintain the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms (which for me includes being able to own your own weapon and even being able to carry it). I used to understand it only as a safeguard against crime and violence in our communities. This election has really opened my eyes though, to how far some people would want to take the role of big government, and frankly that concerns me. The right to bear arms is not just about keeping burglars or assailants from attacking our homes, it is also a check and a balance against our government itself. In fact, it is one of the only checks and balances that directly protects the people of this nation from our government ever growing too powerful (i.e. a dictatorship, communism, etc.).
There are many who feel that our nation would be safer if we were to ban guns, and perhaps we would see less gun-related violence. However, it should be remembered that not only has violent crime existed in human history--long before the gun was invented and brought on the scene--but the fact is, if someone wants to hurt you, they will find a way. Taking away guns from the masses will eventually only take guns away from those who wouldn't use them illegally. Those who would use them illegally will.
I'll end by reiterating what was already said: taking away guns won't stop violent crimes; those that want to hurt others will still exist in this world. Taking away guns really means that the people no longer have a safeguard against government (because you KNOW that no government is going to give up its guns). I support the 2nd Amendment, because I support our Constitution's system of checks and balances against our government ever becoming too powerful for us people to control. Sadly, I fear that we are already to that point anyway, and it makes it that much more important for us to not surrender those rights that would protect us from that sad end to our liberties. That is all.

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Misty Barrett said...

I somewhat agree with your thoughts about why it is important to have the 2nd ammendment as far as checks and balances. However, I believe that gun laws should be much more strict than they are. I'm not trying to pull any "cultured" rubbish but living in a place with no guns has changed my perspective. You don't hear gun shots at night. I'm generally a little less scared of people unless they are within shivving distance. Not even the policemen that patrol the streets have guns. At first, that felt really stupid but now it makes sense.

Guns are a very "easy" weapon to hurt people in masses, however, knife crimes in the UK seem to be more heinous crimes full of intent. It is hard to explain and maybe it's a false sense of security but I still feel that if guns could be wiped out (except for very specific purposes) it could only help.