Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Many probably saw the JibJab video from four years ago. I just saw this election's video today and share it with you now (you'll have to click the link my friends).

JibJab's "Time For Some Campaigning" (Set to Bob Dylan's famous song, "The Times They Are A Changin'" in case anyone is interested). Enjoy.

Also, 20/20 ran an excellent piece that covers so much of what is gong on and wrong with our nation at the moment. I will only post the first part of it on here, but if you desire to see the rest, just follow the YouTube links after it finishes.

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Ryan said...

Pretty funny stuff! I do have to comment on the fact that Obama was riding a unicorn. For the record, a unicorn would never let that liberal near itself. It's a little known fact that unicorns are the most right-wing animals in the animal kingdom (not to be confused with the bipartisan pegasus, which literally has both left and right wings).

PS. Your link doesn't work like it should.