Monday, October 13, 2008

Papa's World 2.0

Now that we have breached that milestone of 200 posts (201 baby), I thought we'd start off this new era of blogging with an excellent quote from Benjamin Franklin.

"An informed voter is a voter whose vote doesn't count any more than the vote of a complete idiot." - Benjamin Franklin.

I challenge each of us to find our political nemesis--the idiot whose vote cancels out our own--and somehow breed with them. What would happen? it is worth finding out. (Just kidding Sierra, I shan't breed with anyone and don't think that this means you can either).

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becca said...

I like this notion John! It is true that we need to not just cancel one another out --- I am going to start working on a few of those Dyals! :) Or Corys! :) Or whoever! Love you brother! You are da best and da bomb! Tell Sierra hi for me!