Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I had no clue that they had done a radio version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (the books). For an excellent write-up of similarities/differences of the books, radio version, and Peter Jackson's films: go here. I think I would really enjoy listening to those. Maybe the library will have it in stock.

Now to wax political again. I invite you to watch this video (which is obviously one side's take on the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae issue). It is showing many Democrats in Congress defending both FM's back in 2004, when many Republicans in Congress were seeking for regulations to be placed on both FM's. Biased? Sure. I'm sure that it is not showing the whole story and I am sure that if the Democrats tried, they could put together a video showing the Republicans in a bad light too. It is still interesting, though to see Frank Raines (I believe that he is Obama's Economic adviser) defend the FM's. Anyway, you can judge for yourself if there is any value here.

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