Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 32: George something Oscar Bluth, Jr.

Many know him as Gob GOB from TV's Arrested Development. Others know him from other stuff. Wherever he goes, there he is: Will Arnett.

A poem:

Will Arnett,
shall we forget
the emptiness we felt inside
the day Arrested Development died?
You GOB'd us,
we liked it,

Here he is as a special guest on Conan O'Brien.


Stooph said...

Oscar. George Oscar Bluth, hence GOB. all caps.

amber belmonte. said...

best show ever.

Lindzie said...

we just finished watching the whole series...and i'm truly saddened that it ended. best moment ever - the chicken dance

Scott & Rach said...

yesss papa!
I loved your posts.

Stooph said...

thank you for correcting it...bHAHA