Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Coheed - Neverender

I had no idea that this was happening/did happen until I got on Facebook this morning. So... I guess I missed that one. I remember Matt telling me that Coheed & Cambria were going to be playing some of the albums straight through, but I didn't realize that they were playing all four albums straight through and creating a DVD of the experience as well as a documentary of it. That is sweet.
So, here is the trailer for the Neverender concert series and DVD that Coheed did and will be releasing March 24th.
Update: Just like Matt told me they would be.


Matt said...

John! We've been over this. I remember you specifically saying that you would like to go to the earlier ones but not so much the newer album show. You are too forgetful. I hope the concerts were different than just listening to the 4 albums, because I can do that and not spend 50 bucks or whatever it will be.

Matt said...

They released an EP called Neverender 12% that has 6 or 7 songs from the show series. I've been trying to find it.