Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orson Scott Card

I am a very big fan of every book of his that I have read (the four Ender series books). When I have time again, I fully plan on reading the rest of his books. They are very enjoyable, deeply layered books and have inspired a great deal of inner reflection on my part. So, to begin I just want to say that I highly recommend his fiction and I think very highly of the man.

Lately, I have been discovering that I really like his non-fiction writing, too. He contributes regularly to on subjects ranging from LDS music/literature (or the lack of what might be called more "quality" works in these fields) to his thoughts on how Elders Quorum might be taught to make it less boring (a fairly common problem--many teachers feel that their missions qualified them to "wing it" at a moment's notice without putting enough preparation in for some reason).

His most recent article deals with religion and politics, and while I often don't agree with his political sentiments (he leans more left than I), I always enjoy reading his take on things. I really thought that this article was spot on.

Assuming now that you have gone and read the article, I just have one thought that I'd like to share:

I find it fitting that the very people who (I feel) villify our Puritan ancestors most (my college professors and the many "free thinkers" that abhor the vice-like grip that the Puritans had over society), would now be compared to them and called the New Puritans. It is an interesting comparison, to say the least.

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