Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Big 2-5-0: Live And Intimate Is Born

This is my 250th post on here. That is kind of fun. Three more of these "250th" posts and I'll have three times as many. You do the math.

I decided I wanted to try a new feature on here. I don't have any schedule in mind for it (like having it be a Tuesday thing or whatever) right now, so for a little while at least, it will just be sporadic. The idea is to find videos of slightly more "intimate" performances by the bands I love. The majority will probably be solo acoustic performances by the singers of my favorite bands, but if I come across a great acoustic performance by any band and it feels right...I'm going with it. I won't be dictated to by myself and myself won't dictate to my me. Let the art be free...

Anyway, I'm thinking of calling it my Live and Intimate series. Any thoughts on a better name?

First up: Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. Am I on a big JEW kick right now again? Am I bordering on obsessive with my current re-infatuation with them? Am I asking myself questions on my blog? Is it really quiet in here all of a sudden...?

I love this band, and I love this man. This is a longer video with him playing two songs (one of which I had never heard before and will be trying to locate to add to my repertoire of the musicas). Please enjoy.

Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) - "Your House" and "Power"
- performed solo, acoustic, and live at the Modified Art Center in Phoenix, AZ.

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