Monday, March 09, 2009

Jimmy Eat World... Here I Came!

Well, Saturday night was astounding. Let me explain why:

1. They played Clarity in it entirety from front to back. This is amazing enough to make me happy for years and years to come, until I lose my sanity and can no longer remember such things.
2. Playing the album in its entirety meant playing "Goodbye Sky Harbor" in its entirety: all 16 minutes of it. It was amazing! They did all of the looping right there on stage, and that was really fun to see Jim laying down all of the voice tracks, then to have the band completely cut out and let the vocals do a "solo loop." Plus they had out the keyboards and xylophones.
3. After "Goodbye Sky Harbor," the band left the stage in order to return for the encore. The encore consisted of 8 songs: "What Would I Say To You Now," "No Sensitivity," "23," "Big Casino," "Work," "Pain," "The Middle," and "Sweetness."
4. On our drive to the theater (which was located in Tempe, AZ), we drove by the exit to Sky Harbor Airport. Ah...a little moment of clarity for us. I had no idea that Sky Harbor was an airport. It made many of the lyrics of the song make sense in a new way to me (and arguably the "correct" way).
5. I got a sweet commemorative t-shirt (shown below).
6. The Marquee Theater was PACKED (see picture below), and the crowd was amazing. I expected there to be tons of teeny-bopper girls there. Nope (although there were a few). The crowd seemed equal parts male/female/older/younger and really knew the band and its music. What a difference that makes.
7. They sounded amazing and I love them.

My shirt:

The crowd (I keep trying to find me, but alas I can't. I know that I'm somewhere on the left half and probably about halfway back. So...ten points if you can find me!):


Matt said...

ehhhhhhghghhghh!! I'll get over not being there someday.

Jennifer said...

My envy is palpable. Clarity is in a league of its own. Thanks for sharing so all of the rest of us who missed listening to the best-album-ever-recorded could be there too.