Thursday, January 27, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 1: Wifey's Nugget

Hello all! Some of you may remember me. For those who don't, I probably got your e-mail address by secret when you were drunk at your birthday party. That may help explain any missing socks or Snak-Paks, too.

This week's nugget:

Ode to Wifey

Years ago,
but what seems like yesterday
running hand in hand,
playing nymph orange games.
From you I learned the alphabet,
From you I learned to breathe.
From you I learned that nothing,
means more than you to me.
You are my Cadillac of love.
A specter endlessly frolicking in my mind.
I draw your picture on the wall in front of my toilet,
and sit there and stare, constantly staring...
You are so omphin pretty
I'll drink some more to that.
You are a blooming rose
You're my Wifey Matt.

1 comment:

Elliot said...

Golden lyrics purely spewing from PAPA'S sweet pie hole. Holy cow, I think we got one here. Thank you sire we are the chosen ones.