Thursday, January 27, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 2: German Warhound

Welcome everyone to week two in this limited edition, ongoing series, lifetime achievement, once in a lifetime, spandex durability test poemfest. This week will be two short poems as opposed to one long one.

This week's first gem of the nile is entitled: "Lies and Deceit"

and now without further adieu...

Lies and Deceit

You got the nun to believe you,
you hid from her the truth.
And now she's searching high and low,
for her missing shoes...
but you can't lie to your feet...

The second poem is entitled: "Anger CanMan"

Anger CanMan

Do you dare open me?
I just might come a burstin'
Spewing forth frothy fizz of DOOM
who will defend your people from my carbonated wrath?
I am unstoppable!
You seal your fate with every centimeter of my top you pop...

Thank you one and all for joining me in this week's edition of Papa's Poem Corner: German Warhound. I hope to see you all again next week when we delve into the recesses of the human mind and explore my masculinity in a little poem I like to call: "Forward March! (When bowel movements go wrong)."

1 comment:

Elliot said...

Secrets tell no lies, you are my disguise... Please, I know many poems, you are the Picaso of poetry innovation at it's peak, fo sho. My retainer fell out of it's mouth when I read your work. WORD