Friday, January 28, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 7: Fare Thee Well Dear Jung

Many of you will know, many others will not, that my dear friend Jung-Woo Oh has departed this life here in Vegas, leaving it behind for a far better one over there in Carlsbad California where he will be serving his mission. For this reason this week's poem has arrived late. Yesterday I went to Provo to drop him off. In my heart there is now a void. Thus, this week's poem will be largely focused upon this event.

You Captured the Rapture in a Tubesock

My eyes try to grow accustomed but never do they find that light.
Overwhelming, swelling, bulging sadness that sweeps over me in tides.
You can't use Clorox on your soul.
You can't use Clorox on your soul.

You captured the rapture in a tubesock.
Then used it to beat me over the head.
You are the epitome of Korean rock!
There's so much I left unsaid.
You can't keep living in a bowl.
You can't keep living in a bowl.

Someday we'll be together again.
Reunited as long lost friends.
Until that day I will lay in your underwear drawer and cry tears.
I'll put on plays and use your socks as the main characters.
Distance and time will make our love grow.
Distance and time will make our love grow.

I feel you near although we are so far.
All we can do is listen to "Somewhere Out There" at the same time as we
gaze up at the stars.
I almost touch you as I reach out my hand towards the heaven.
Many people don't know that you used to go by "Kevin".
Know this: I'll always be your manho.
Know this: I'll ALWAYS be your manho.

I love you Jung. John love straight at ya. We are so flaming hetero.

So that's week 7's poem. I hope that everyone was able to get a feel for my love of Jung. Until next time, keep wearing your socks.