Friday, January 28, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 10: Phetus in Tha House!

What a treat this week as we have the privilege to hear sweet words from a lyrical genius: MC Phetus Brown. He will be gracing our weekly tribute to poetry as a guest poetist. (Don't worry friends, you'll still get your Poem a la Papa, but first we'll enjoy the bulging talents of one so
talentuos as Mr. Brown.)
Our first Phetus poem is entitled: "I Yearnhardt"

I Yearnhardt

My hardt my hardt
Mine dearest Dale
with a race car you earned my heart
Nascar's greatest, Dale of the Earnhardt!

Yes, the trailors weep and mourn
"I love Dale!" cries my truck's horn
Believe me now my white, mulletted friend
sure as the wind blows the south will rise again
With our fearless courage learned from him
The glory of Dale will ride again.

Phetus's next poem is actually the expoundation of a very famous line of his in the hit track off the Fabulous Flowells first cd: Germaineous Habitat. The line shares the name of the poem: "Kick a Gnome or Two"

Kick a Gnome or Two

Piercing tiny beedy eyes
Lying whoremongering little guys.
Hard working and happy they may seem
Laughing cheerfully they do play?!!
No, no. Deceitful, cunning, devilish fiends.

They lurk about standing 1 foot 2,
with big thick beards to hide their face.
This is a gnome through an through.
Yes, the demise of nations stands 1 foot 2,
this is why I kick a gnome or two.

I'd like to give a special thank you and shout out to MC Phetus Brown for his dedication to lyricism.
Next up, is this weeks only poem from Papa. It's one that I wrote on my mission in my first area while I was comps with a man named Darek Eggleston. I call it, "Gordon Robinski".

Gordon Robinski

Up on the shelf, I place the elf.
He watches me as I bathe myself.
Gordon Robinski, he's my friend.
He has a cute little elf rearend.
And cute little elf ears, and cute little elf nose.
He likes to wear purple pantyhose.
And dance away his bemusing life.
Gordon, is a hermaphrodite.

Thank you everyone for making this another succesful week in poemology. I'd also like to congratulate one Kayela Seegmiller for having joined our poem club, and her decision to take my class on rebellion. Your first assignment is coming soon. The cheese one wasn't very rebellious after all, so you can forget that one.
Until next time, keep a wreath of garlic close by at all times. You never know what lurks in the night.

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