Friday, January 28, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 6: (I think)

I am here dear friends. Once again. Due to some discrepancies regarding the lyrical content of some of JC 2 Smoof's songs/flows, this week we'll delve into one of those songs. A priceless gem he likes to call "Superman".

Superman - by JC 2 Smoof

I'm a cookie monster
and I can flow longer and stronger
than steel wool
I ain't your mama's fool
I'm just livin' in your stool
My favorite tool is a socket wrench, with a cheddar stench.
I bench twenty pounds a day with yo mama,
and the Dali Lama, in his pajamas.
Confess I play chess with the best.
Oh bless me now while I'm wearing a dress.

Who's JC 2 Smoof?
Dat fool in tha Superman underoos.

My super-elastic plastic, is mantastic.
Now it's time to get drastic.
So back up off my leg hairs,
cause you can't graze there
There's dingleberries in my underwear.
My skidmarks, they's off tha charts.
They brown like hip-hop pop tarts (tippity toppin' tha charts)
I wanna kiss Sparticus, and you know I get down like this...

Who's JC 2 Smoof?
Dat fool in tha Superman underoos.

I had a dream, in my latrine:
That I play with Kevin Day, in my bidet

Thus flows the epic poem/song “Superman”. I hope that you all have enjoyed this journey into the hype-oppressed rage of JC 2 Smoof. He sends his warmest regards to all the loyal fans that have stuck by him throughout all of these trying times with his arrest for possesion of illegal substances, his trial in the tax fraud scandal, AIDS, and other misfortunes that have beset him. He’ll never forget you, and he says, “Keep yo heads up fo tha Reunion Tour of the Flowells once I get out of all this mess.” On a happier note, he and Martha Stewart have become friends since both their imprisonments, and Mr. 2 Smoof has dedicated his next rap to her.
This is John Cory, signing off.

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