Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 31: Jiminy Glick We Had A Live One Here!

There is something magical about finishing a semester of school: all the creative juices get flowing again. Or maybe the juices are always flowing, but I get too tired during the semester to uncork their protective sheep-bladder canteen and pour them out on the parched, desert sand that is my blog. Either way, I'm glad to have them back.

The Effervescent John

I am the Effervescent John
I bubble and I fizzle and I keep your body strong.
When colds, the giggles, and ninja emus
attack, then you'll hear my song.

I'll bubble and fizzle and spin kick your flu
'til all of your enemies are dead and long gone;
Effervescence, please be true.

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