Monday, December 22, 2008

Hooray For LOTR!

Two very LOTR related items:

1. Today I finished listening to the BBC Radio Production of the Lord of the Rings. Sir Ian Holm played Frodo (yes the same Ian Holm that played Bilbo in Peter Jackson's trilogy). I can see where Jackson either wittingly or unwittingly mirrored the adaptation of this radio version. It worked quite well, although I admit that there are some things lost in a radio version that are so easy to show in film. I will also add that while the music was actually pretty good for it, it was nowhere near as good as Howard Shore's masterful score.

2. A more full trailer has been released for "The Hunt for Gollum." This is a fan-made film that tels the story of Aragorn's hunt for Gollum. They are obviuosly taking liberties here with material that Tolkien himself never fleshed out, but I am excited nonetheless. Visually it actually looks rather impressive (especially considering the lack of budget that an independent and assuredly non-profit production would be able to muster). Well, I think I'm done nerding out on you for today. I leave you with the trailer:

THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM - FULL Trailer 1 from Chris Bouchard on Vimeo.

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