Monday, September 08, 2008

Lover In The Snow

I really thought that I had already posted this, but when looking back through my old posts I couldn't find it anywhere. So, this may be old news to many and it is possible that I already posted it, but I am not for caring.
I am about halfway through a Weezer shuffle right now, listening to all of their albums, b-sides, special edition bonus tracks, etc., and I am really enjoying it. Sometimes I get a little sad to think of Weezer, because the obsessive fan-boy relationship I had with the release of their first three (and eventually fourth once I got back from my mission) albums has dimmed somewhat with the release of their last two. It is a situation I find myself in--and hating--with a few of my favorite bands. These are the few bands that I placed on a pedestal, because I had a trust that they would never put out something I didn't love. Sadly, the days have come where some have put out albums that have some great songs, but also some crap songs that I just don't like. Anyway, it has been fun to put Weezer's last two albums in a greater context with their work as a whole. It hasn't made me fall in love with some of these songs that I'm just not fond of, but it has helped me to appreciate those songs more. It has also been fun because I have noticed some patterns in their song-writing that I hadn't noticed before; I can see different movements and musical styles/themes that Rivers has gone through in his development as a song-writer. So, I guess what I am saying is, if you find yourself not enjoying certain aspects of some of your favorite artists' works, try a massive shuffle to help you find a new perspective on those works. It may help.
I now invite you to enjoy a video from Rivers' solo album Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. The song is "Lover in the Snow" and the video explains Rivers obsession with soccer and his experience playing in a celebrity charity soccer match.

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