Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe Science

Last night, J.J. Abrams' (of Lost and Alias fame) new show Fringe aired with its big two-hour pilot, and I gotta say that I really liked it. Fans of X-Files will feel a certain familiarity about the premise; government-ish agents investigate almost paranormal activites and cases while some bigger secrets are revealed along the way. To be honest, it is too early for me to really be able to comment on what is really going to set this show apart from The X-Files other than the fact that it is an Abrams production and therefore bound to have its own flavor in that regard. In particular I want to comment on the performance of one John Noble (who LOTR fans will recognize as the actor who superbly played the deranged Denethor); he was excellent! I am sure that I will comment more on this show in the future, so I will refrain from getting too specific yet about why I liked him (so as not to spoil it for you Sir Steven), but I truly hope that everyone will give the show a try. It sounded like they are re-showing the pilot on Sunday, but I couldn't find anywhere online that would confirm this. So, here is the link to watch the pilot online just in case.

In other news, CNN has a video up that confirms some of what Dan Brown's first Robert Langdon book Angels and Demons purports: that CERN is doing some crazy experimenting with matter/antimatter down deep below the earth. Apparently, CERN is in essense trying to recreate the Big Bang on a tiny tiny tiny little level. One of the possible effects of this experiment is that a miniature black hole would be created down there. CERN scientists say that it would be too small and unstable to maintain itself and would pose no threat, but wow... that is kind of a scary thought. Oh, unless it we could somehow harness it and put it into little canisters that could be shot from a special gun like a bullet, and when it hit the target, it would open up a very temporary 7x7 foot black hole that would swallow up whoever it had hit and then be too unstable to maintain itself and putter out and then voila! Enemy gone for good. Anyway, that is all I have on that for now. Check out that video.


Ryan said...

I saw it too! I thought it was really good. I think, since I am a self-proclaimed X-files expert, I will post on my own blog about the similarities and differences.

elopingcamel said...

Oooh good. I did used to watch X-Files, but it was so sporadically that I never really understood the underlying storyline. I anxiously await your analysis.