Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Goodbye Another Statistic

Another Statistic is a band I came across while living in Provo, saw a couple of times and was greatly impressed by. Yesterday I was listening to them all day and decided to check out their MySpace to see if they'd be coming to Vegas anytime soon. I am sad to report that they broke up a little while ago. I am saddened by this, cause I really liked them. They had a unique flavor to them when I first saw them. Perhaps nowadays it wouldn't be considered as unique, but back then I wasn't aware of too many bands that were getting Indie/Experimental the way they did. Anyway, this is my homage to them and my farewell.

If you get a second, head over to their MySpace and give them a listen, and I hope that you enjoy the video below of one of their older songs (sorry about the sound quality, but this was a local band from Provo/SLC and the selection on Youtube was pretty sparse, you dig?)

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