Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who To Play Mr. Bilbo Baggins?

This is such an important choice to me. I am torn between getting someone new who won't carry the baggage of superstar celebrity, or going with a nae that we can trust, because we have seen this actor play a character with depth before.

Anyway, you can go here to see some options that Reelzchannel has come up with. I especially like options 4 & 5 (although more because they are funny and less because I actually think either would do all that great a job).

That is all.

UPDATE: I just corrected the link. Sorry about that... (giggle giggle). Here is the link to the other article anyway, because it might be helpful to someone out there.


Alex Dye said...

Ha, Bruce Campbell. That would sure be interesting.

Please keep your Harry Potter away from my Tolkien, this is the ONLY TIME I WILL ASK NICELY.

McAvoy is a good choice, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up getting it.

Matt said...

Yeah, Daniel Radcliffe if an awful choice. He won't ever be able to do anything without being seen as Harry Potter. Good thing he made enough money to never have to do anything again.

elopingcamel said...

What about Jaleel White?

Matt said...

Haha. Urkel? He would do a good job, i suppose. But only if he rides that little half car of his.