Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Time Has Come

I have held off making a decision long enough. I think I hesitated partly because I didn't want to get hurt. The other part of my just didn't want to influence all of you--my loyal followers--in your own decision; I used to feel that this was a personal decision that each of us should come to on our own. Now I know different. Too much is at stake.

That is why I have decided to formally announce that I have indeed chosen a side and it is time for you to do the same. Granted I can't force your hand (if I could I would, trust me), so I will have to settle for simply pleading that you follow my lead and join Team Jacob.

Yes. I am Team Jacob.

Join me, and together we can rid the world of Team Edward scum (and by rid the world I really mean just snicker about them when we are quite confident that they can't hear, because I don't want to be responsible for hurting anyone's feelings).

Go Team Jacob. Go.


Jenna said...

Never Team Jacob!! Have you read the books!?!? Jacob is like the down fall in all of them. And the 4th book ends the way it should. Down with Team Jacob!! Team Edward, Team Edward, Team Edward!

heather said...

hahah...okay I never thought you would make a post about this, but thank you. I need more details as to why you have chosen Jacob.
As for me, I still have yet to decide on a team because well, I'm not going to fantasize about that person. Gosh, I'm married and fantasize about my own man chunk. I don't need another person to block up my thoughts. Plus, I just can't decide because I like them both.
But, I was invited to an exclusive New Moon premier event and have to pick a side since they will be giving out gift bags for the different Teams. Now I'm kind of stuck....The bad thing is that I can't even wait to see what the other gift bags offer to try to take the better bag.
So maybe you could list all the pros and cons of both just for kicks and then help me out.

elopingcamel said...

Jacob = hot.
Edward = not Jacob.
Jacob = Hot Indian guy.
Edward = not hot Indian guy.
Jacob = Muscular as all get out in the second film (he totally beefed up at least 30 lbs for the role).
Edward = not muscular as all get out in the second film (he totally did not beef up at least 30 lbs for the role).
Jacob = strong Roman nose.
Edward = not strong Roman nose.
Jacob = pulse.
Edward = not pulse.
Jacob = wolves are cute and cuddly when baby pups.
Edward = not cute and cuddly as a baby because bats are freaking gross at any age.

Now, I must confess that I've never read the books. I saw the first film once and two trailers for the second one. Thus, my knowledge is not nearly as extensive as others. However, what I lack in knowledge I make up for in stubborn, ignorant passion. Your knowledge stands no chance against my stubborn, ignorant passion, Jenna. No chance at all!

Sara said...

Two words: Team Edward!

Jenna said...

Oh John, I mean nothing personal against you or your Team Jacob views. I just used a lot of !!! to get my point across- not because I was yelling. I am just so sorry you fell under some old Indian spell and have taken Jacob's side.

I have not seen the trailer for the 2nd movie- but once I see the movie MAYBE my views will change. But based off the books, Edward is one might fine dream boat...

Has Sierra picked a team?

elopingcamel said...

Seven words, Sara: Team Jacob Team Jacob and Team Jacob!

Also, did you ladies notice that exclamation points sort of look like scratch marks from a wolf !!!
So pretty much every time you use one it is a vote for Team Jacob.


!!! !!!

elopingcamel said...

I just spoke with Sierra and her official position is still undecided, but... she is probably leaning more towards Edward.


Alex Dye said...

I thought this was going to be about Lost and I leave disappointed.

Matt & Jen Hanks said...

I am totally for Team Jacob, as in Jacob from LOST!!!!!!! We have a history. He caught me trying to steal a lunch box from a convenience store when I was with a friend when I was about 9. When he talked me into putting the lunch box back and touched my face he totally changed my life. Team Jacob all the way!!!!!!!!

Stefu said...

This post is deliciously sarcastic and controversial!

Anonymous said...

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