Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live And Intimate Episode 7: Jesse Lacey Forgets Himself

I can attest that sometimes shifting from a full band to a smaller, more intimate, acoustic performance can mess up the mojo flow. The rest of the band isn't there to cover up your mistakes, and you tend to feel much more... naked. Jesse Lacey of Brand New proves this in this episode's video. Here, he and guitarist Vincent Accardi decide to set up a somewhat spur of the moment acoustic show in Seattle (when their full band's show in Alaska gets canceled). I'm glad though, because it provided me a good hour+ of entertainment watching all of the youtube clips that sono23 put up after the show. Go check them out.

p.s. I really, really, really love this band.

Jesse Lacey and Vincent Accardi (Brand New) - "Luca"

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