Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Who Likes Rumors?

This is obviously still unconfirmed, so there probably isn't much point to me saying it, but I will anyway. There is some possibility of the currently announced two-film version of The Hobbit becoming a trilogy. Read about it here at

I won't lie, my initial response is extreme happiness. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel like this has a lot of potential to water down the material, or at least the delivery of it. There is an amazing amount of material, so I guess I really don't mean water it down, I just wonder if it will be too sporadic or forced to try and bring in too much back story into the tale. I will try to hold off judgment until we get more information. That is the best that I can do right now.

Update: I got fooled. I now realize that this was probably an April Fools' Day joke and I got skunked by it. Ah well.


Matt said...

That might be true, but could Peter Jackson do anything wrong?

elopingcamel said...

I'm really not too concerned. Peter Jackson I trust, and what I have seen of Del Toro gives me faith in him too. However, whatever trust I may have in Jackson is mitigated by the understanding that Jackson is not directing it, so his role--while still large and influential--is limited.

Anonymous said...

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