Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 33: Yub For The Sake Of Tub

Excellent news cats and jammers. A longtime friend of the blog, Mr. JC 2 Smoof, has contributed to the poetry with a new flow of his. Instead of a long intro by me, I'll just quote for you what he wrote:

"Dis here's a little song I been workin' on. I ain't got no music for it yet, cause times dey tough, and dis brotha can't afford no studio time. Look fo' it to drop someday in da future. Also, fo' all ya'll haterz out der, lemme just say dat if you don't think rap and poetry belong together, dey do. Dey go together like two things dat are similar but not exactly da same thing and yet still somehow dey better coupled up wit' each other. You dig? Like a Jumbo Jack wit' cheese and bacon (and some dat secret sauce) and two tacos for 99 cent. See? Dey similar--both is food--but different--talkin' hamburgers vs. tacos here ya'll--but better wit' each others' contrasting deliciousness. Any questions?"

He also added a post script, which I will also include:

"Peep dis: wit' dis economy, it's gettin' hard ya'll fo' a brotha to make ends meet. Dat's what dis song be all about: gettin' paid. I'm startin' to think dat those Roots boys ain't got it so bad no mo'. I strung dem up fo' turncouts, but dey showin' to be real smart now ain't dey wit' dey steady gig and all. Gotta git me some dat steady income. It's da bizniss."

With that, let us move on to the song lyrics that Mr. 2 Smoof has so graciously shared with us.

Dees Checks

Take dat noose around my neck,
and throw it to da fishes
cause it's time to git respect
I ain't gonna do no dishes.
I'M A MAN (i'm a man)
I'M A MAN (i'm a man)
and I'm gittin what I can
e'ryday wit' my gameplan.

I keep rolling in dees checks
I'm talking' 'bout my cashflow
rollin' wit dees Czechs
cause dey lookin' mafioso
(rollin' in dees checks)
gotta git my gurrl's respect
(in dees checks, in dees checks)
Yeah, I'm rollin' in dees checks.

We talking quality control
control da quality of life dat I'm livin'
can't have my wife bein' da one dat be givin'
me my cashes e'ryday
(fo' my lunch moneys) I gotta git paid.

CHORUS (repeat)

You know I'm hungry like Dommer
and da only thing I know dat make me calmer
is a wallet full of Lincolns (and Jacksons)
fo' when my little tummy gets so hungry, wants some action
Come on gurrl, git me some bread up in dis basket.
You dig?


Thanks again to JC for sharing with us. It has been too long since we've heard from him. Good luck with the job hunt, friend.

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Mrs. Ordinary said...

2 Smoof welcome back! I was wondering when you were going to return from the Czech Republic.