Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, once again my hard drive crashed and I lost many of the song/story projects that I had been working on. This marks the third time in less than a year the a depository of my creative juices has been stolen or erased. Man, some people just don't take a hint.

Anyway, I am excited to focus in on two creative projects now, and let others sit by the wayside. One is a story and will most likely come out in screen play form by the time it is done. The other is just working with GarageBand to record acoustic demos of songs (old and new) that I have never gotten around to. I will have to wait until I get a new mic to really do the guitar and vocal stuff, but I can begin in other areas for now. My main focus will be on Wishing Well songs (for any who are confused by that--Wishing Well is the name of a full length album that I began writing a few years ago. It became some of the fruit of Twenty Mule Team (My Little Reminder was originally the Prologue-and may still find its way back onto the album-The Ambush, Goodbye Eden, and Sweet Spot in the Spine were all from the album also) and is a massive project that will take me years and years to ever fully develop into the finished product that I desire it to become. It is the first part of a story that will eventually be told over the course of three albums. When all of that musical work is finished I will focus on writing it in story format. My hope would be for it to someday be made into movies, also. I would desire to be involved in the sound-tracking for the films (which would not be a function of just putting in the songs from the albums, but in writing a whole new soundtrack that just borrows themes from the albums).

I'll keep you updated (and don't hold your breath for this to get accomplished anytime too soon).

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