Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Trailer!!!!

Alright boys and girls. I am happy-go-crap-in-the-pants right now cause I just watched the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (which my wife Sierra is currently reading for the first time and that also makes my giddy like school girl). Holy Hannah. Man. I am so stinking excited about this film. I am hesitant to be too specific about my next comment (because I hate spoilers), but I was so pleased to see that one of the characters is growing into young adulthood well. This character is an important character and needs to look the part (a thing of which I had my fears after reading HP6 and seeing who had been cast in that role in the films--I just didn't know how growing up would treat this person). Anyway, cryptic speak aside, I am definitely going to be there opening night, even if it means I go alone.

Here is a link to see the trailer (just scroll down and choose your option).

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Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

You mean you got to see the Harry Potter 6 TRAILER!!!? Like the one that the actors use on the set!? That's awesome!