Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Let Us See Kenny Cooper

I need to thank The Offside Rules for posting this Mixtape of Kenny Cooper's goals. Not only is it a fantastic compilation of footage of Cooper, but it is also set to an excellent song (as opposed to the usual crap that people put behind the mixtapes they make).

My question is, why on earth are we not giving this kid a chance on the big stage? We have a real lack of quality at this position, and with Dempsey reportedly burnt out from Fulham's relegation battle (and seemingly in need of some rest) and Jozy's injury, we need some help. Wolff has been terrible, Johnson has shown some improvement but that improvement hasn't brought a single goal. Ching could be the man to bring the finishing that we need, but why not let Cooper have a chance to show us what he's got? Everything else aside, consistently playing Wolff over Cooper seems like such an incredibly stupid move to me. It makes no sense. I would love to see Cooper up top with Donovan running the right side and Beasley on the left. Get Adu in that attacking mid role with Mastroeni behind him, and let's see what these guys can do. When Dempsey gets some rest, then let's get him up top with Cooper and see what these guys can do.

Anyway, here is the Mixtape.

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