Friday, June 06, 2008

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 29: Class-Mix Rewind 4.0

I do believe that this is the last poem that I shall be posting from my class. I had another one that was a sonnet and it turned out terribly. So I shan't be offending your ears with it, but I do want to say just how much I have enjoyed this little run of poetry--4. Yes, that is right. We've reached level 4 in the enjoyment spectrum (which beats level 3--winning an art contest--but doesn't quite reach level 5--beating a child in an art contest; man their drawings suck).


A little fluff of feather floats by
and I wonder if it cares where it’s going.
Back and forth,
up and down;
wherever the wind blows it.
Do feathers make plans
to get some shopping done,
drop the kids off at soccer practice,
Does it notice how close it gets to landing
Only to be lifted up and carried off
By the next gust of wind?
Does a feather get angry that it can’t chase its dreams?
Does it even have dreams?

I watched a little fluff of feather go by
endlessly drifting.

Oh dear me. What a delightful little poem. It sure makes you think about it. It sure makes you think. And now two haikus to finish us off:

Tiny needles
scrape soft petals.
My wife says to shave.

A lone desert bush.
Moisture falls in single stream—
child frees his bladder.

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