Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Olympics Are Here!

They officially don't start until tomorrow, but the group games for women's soccer began yesterday and men's soccer began today. I am sad to say that the US women's team lost their first group game to Norway 2-0. Both goals were scored in the first six minutes. Ouch. All hope is not lost though, because these are the groups games, and the top two from each group advance. So the US women's team can still pull through if they turn it around and start wining.
On a much happier note, the US Men's team (which is technically the US Under-23 Team with three overage players mixed in--Brian McBride, Michael Parkhurst, and Brad Guzan) beat Japan in their group games opener 1-0. The lone goal was scored by Stuart Holden (who plays for the Houston Dynamo).
NBC is doing an excellent job covering the Olympics, and, from what I can tell, they will be providing video footage of all the events online. Until the games officially begin, I won't know for sure, but it looks promising. That website is

Congrats to a good start from the US Men's Team in what is a very tough group.

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