Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frankie And The Knockouts!!!

Oh joy. Thank you Cody for recording this when you did. Thank you TiVo for making it possible for Cody to record this. Thank you me for being able to remember the name of this band and having the common decency to look it up, find it, and put it in an easy to access place where it may be enjoyed by all (assuming that at some point "all" begins to check here on my little blog).
Without further ado, please enjoy Frankie and the Knockouts groundbreaking music video for their hit song "Sweetheart."


Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

This is one of my first memories of hanging out with you guys. I came to see 24 and we ended with a Knockout! This is a classic cheesy video and I love it and I want more.

Matt said...

Oh, it's perfect. This video has it all. Wicked mustaches, multiple camera angles, close-ups on happy black girls. I wonder where these guys are now. They have to all be dead, because with talent like that there is no way they couldn't have gone on to huge success and done amazing things.

RhoyaleGold said...

I absolutely LOVE this song! I just hate that I can't purchase it via iTunes or something.