Friday, March 28, 2008

More UNLV Soccer and the 100th Post!

This will seem like a flood of soccer stuff, but I assure you, it will all balance itself out in the end. I'm excited about the depth that UNLV men's soccer head coach Mario Sanchez is bringing into the team. He's doing a great job of recruiting for this team, and the improvement that the team showed from '06 to '07 is remarkable. Only time will truly tell how well each of these players will really contribute on the field, but I'm excited for the '08 season to get started.

It may not be a huge milestone, but I feel pretty good about it--this is my 100th post (on this blog; if I combined my two blogs I would have reached it a while ago, but alas... I am far too lazy to copy those over). A more prolific writer would have reached this number in 1/10th the time it took me, but that same prolific writer will also get a punch to the face if I ever see him any near my grandmother's bridge club. So, fellow bloggers beware...

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